The secret of deliciousness Why Niigata sake is delicious

Commitment to sake brewing

Compared to sake from other prefectures, sake brewing in Niigata is very luxurious.For example, how to use rice.At the sake brewery, we spare no Initiatives to turn brown rice into white rice and then polish it.Remove the surface nuka and use the starch from the rice core.Polished rice is polished even better, leaving only the really good parts to make clean sake.Therefore, the amount of alcohol that can be made is very small.

Niigata sake continues to focus on taste and quality rather than quantity.

Commitment to water

"Water" is an important element that is indispensable for making delicious sake.The water in Niigata Prefecture is soft spring water that flows from the high mountains of Echigo.This soft water makes the sake soft and mellow.

Niigata Prefecture's sake breweries are based on this wonderful water, so every sake is delicious.

Relentless research on alcohol

There are many institutions in Niigata that support sake brewing technology. At the Niigata Prefectual Sake Research Institute, a specialist teacher teaches research and sake breweries, and actually makes sake based on the research results.In 1984, we opened the Niigata Sake School, which is the only institution in Japan where mid-career brewery engineers can get training.

Echigo Toji's Initiativess

In sake breweries, the people who make sake are called brewers (Kurabito), sake men (Sakaotoko), or young people.And the master is called Toji.Niigata Prefecture is the hometown of Toji, who has the largest number of sake technology groups in Japan.Here, they continue to refine their traditions and new techniques every day, and they are famous in Japan, "Echigo Toji".

Features of Niigata Sake "Tanrei Karakuchi"

Niigata sake is so-called "Tanrei Karakuchi". Tanrei Karakuchi means that it is clean, clean, does not leave behind, and not get Tired of driking.Niigata Sake also brings out the flavor of the food.

It opens cleanly and disappears.The sharpness of fireworks is a characteristic of Niigata sake.

Great environment for sake brewing

Niigata's characteristic "cold winter" This is an important point in making delicious sake.Snow has the function of cleaning the air.Clean air is a very important factor for the growth of koji and yeast, which are essential for sake.In addition, the change in winter cold in Niigata is mild and there is no extreme temperature difference.Thanks to that, sake grows obediently.That is one of the factors behind the fineness of Niigata sake.

Niigata's strengths

As you all know, Niigata is a famous rice producing area.Rice for sake brewing uses special rice called sake rice (Sakamai) and sake brewing rice.A typical example of sake rice in Niigata is a variety called "Gohyakumangoku", which is specially cultivated by farmers.

The light and mellow taste comes from the deep connection between Niigata's sake breweries and farmers.

Abundant types that can be enjoyed by type

There are many types of sake in Niigata.Fruity Ginjoshu, Junmaishu with a rich aroma and richness, and Honjozoshu that is refreshing and easy to drink.There are also fresh sakes that are not heat-treated.Niigata is rich in seafood and mountain products, and you can enjoy a choice of sake that matches your cuisine.

Fans who support sake in Niigata

The number of Niigata sake fans is increasing year by year.It is said that many people are drawn to the deliciousness of Niigata sake once they drink it.So far, many associations of people who love Niigata sake, such as the "Niigata Prefecture Sake Party" and the "Sake Enjoying Association", have been launched.

Even now, the popularity of Niigata sake is supported by a large number of people who love Niigata sake, such as "Niigata Sake Master".