The secret of deliciousness Keyword of deliciousness "Niigata Tanrei"

Birth of Niigata Tanrei

Shortly after the war, the lives of ordinary people were difficult, and at that time, strong and sweet sake was preferred.However, Niigata's sake was slowly fermented due to the severe cold of winter, and its "light taste" made it unnoticeable at that time.

Meanwhile, in 1957, sake brewing rice "Gohyakumangoku" was born, and beautiful sake with less miscellaneous taste and dirt was made.This is the reason for the birth of "Niigata Tanrei".

In the present age when people's lives have become richer, people like light sake, and gradually head toward the trend of lightening.

Why Niigata Tanrei is of high quality

The thaw water that has fallen on the mountains of Echigo is soft water.Sake using this will have a mellow and soft taste.Furthermore, sake brewed at low temperatures in the cold winter of Niigata grows koji mold and yeast obediently.Above all, the experience and skills that Echigo tojis have cultivated over many years in this area are the reason why they can compete with others with confidence.

Five elements that make up Niigata Tanrei

Communicating sake, climate, and dreams to the present.A rich lifestyle created by such "Niigata Tanrei".Sake breweries have created a new "Niigata Tanrei" by sharing their individuality and refining their skills.

However, the basics that make up "Niigata Tanrei" have not changed.

  • Niigata rice
  • Soft water
  • Environment
  • Toji's technique
  • Sake brewery enthusiasm

These five elements make up the "Niigata Tanrei" brand.Every day, we will continue to create a safe, high-quality, and unique "sake culture."

The ever-evolving "Niigata Tanrei"

"TANREI" The thought composed of these six keywords expresses the enthusiasm of the brewery in Niigata, who truly loves sake, "Let's grow" Niigata Tanrei "".

Based on this idea, we continue to create a safe, high-quality, and unique "sake culture" every day.