Initiatives Niigata Sake School

It is an educational institution created by the Niigata Sake Brewers Association in 1984 in anticipation of the shortage of successors to sake brewers such Toji and other sake brewing technicians.

We train mid-level technicians in brewing technology. Only those who are recommended and dispatched by the brewery are allowed to enter the school, and while working, they study about 100 hours a year, after three years they graduate.Every year, about 20 graduates are sent out, and among the more than 500 graduates, nearly 40 are already working for Toji, and training activities after graduation are also active.There are about 50 instructors.They are from the Niigata Prefectual Sake Research Institute, managers, sake brewers and technicians who are at the forefront of the prefecture ..

Niigata Prefecture is the only prefecture in the world where such school has been kept contenuing.

School Overview

School emblem
Founding 1984
Graduate 545 people (as of June 2021)
Class hours About 100 hours a year
Capacity About 20-12 students in each grade
Number of period of study 3 years 8 departments 46 items

Admission requirements


As a general rule, those who meet the following conditions.

B. A person who is employed by a brewing company in Niigata prefecture and is recognized as a suitable person by the company owner.
B. Can attend classes according to the schedule of the class plan set by the school.
C. Those who have academic ability higher than high school graduation.
D. Those who can take online classes.
E. Those who are XNUMX years old or older as of July XNUMXst of the year of enrollment.
To. Those who have at least two years of work experience (brewing).

※note(Lee) It doesn't matter what kind of job you are currently engaged in, so if you are employed by a brewing company all year round, you do not necessarily have to be engaged in manufacturing work.

Admission capacity

The capacity is 20 people each year.
At the end of the year, a promotion test will be conducted to determine whether or not to promote, and a certificate of completion will be issued.
At the time of graduation in the third year, a graduation examination will be conducted and a diploma will be awarded to successful applicants.

Recommendation of qualified admissions Each company submits a letter of recommendation to the principal of the Niigata Prefecture Sake School (within the Niigata Sake Brewers Association).
Notification of admission Those who pass the selection will be notified to the recommending company.The entrance ceremony will be held in July, the start of the brewing year.
School period The training will be for 3 years, and the students will go to school for about 1 days a year (20-2 days each month).
Classes and classrooms

A. In principle, trainees go to school, classes are from 9:30 to 15:30, and lunch breaks are from 12:00 to 13:00.
B. If it is judged that it is difficult to attend classes due to an epidemic of infectious diseases, the classes will be conducted online using communication equipment.
C. The classroom will be rented from the Niigata Prefectual Sake Research Institute, Niigata Prefecture Sake Brewers Association, and will be posted on the curriculum table.
D. Classes will be held in separate rooms for each grade.


The departments of Niigata Sake School are as follows.

  1. Knowledge of basic science and brewing
  2. Sake manufacturing knowledge and technology
  3. Laws and regulations
  4. Current state of the industry
  5. Knowledge of sake
  6. Basic knowledge required for supervisors
  7. common sense
  8. Other necessary matters

The instructors will be consits of managers, brewing engineers, technicians, and outside specialist instructors.


Niigata Sake School
292-2 Higashinakadori 2 Bancho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City Niigata Sake Brewers Association
TEL: 025-229-1218