Initiatives Niigata Prefectual Sake Research Institute

Two reasons why the Niigata Prefectual Sake Research Institute is the best in Japan

Hold a sake manufacturing license!

It has a license to make sake.Even a sake manufacturing research institute cannot manufacture sake without a national license.

Specializing in sake!

It is a research institute only for sake production.In other prefectures, there is a sake department among research institutes for food in general.

For these two reasons, the Niigata Brewery Research Institute is considered to be the best in Japan. The Niigata Brewery Research Institute was founded in 1930. In 1981, it was rebuilt as a two-story, reinforced concrete building, and in March 2018,the wooden one-story "Niigata Sake Training Center" was newly built. The building is located in a quiet pine forest in Niigata City, overlooking the Sea of Japan. At present, there are six researchers working on the research and development of Niigata Tanrei sake.

Access to the Niigata Prefectual Sake Research Institute

2-5932-133 Suidocho, Chuo-ku, Niigata
TEL: 025-222-4568
FAX: 025-224-0957

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