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Kuramoto story

[Kato Shuzoten Co., Ltd.] Relocated the brewery in search of good water, and Sado's brewery "Kintsuru" continues to challenge sake rice in the rice fields that grow Tokoi.

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Representative stock


Kintsuru Kintsuru


Ordinary sake Kinzuru

Ordinary sake KinzuruFutsushu Kintsuru

Sort Ordinary sake 1,800 ml
Amount of money 1,834yen
degree 16 degrees


It is widely drunk cold or hot as a local Sado sake.

Junmai Kaze Yawaraka

Junmai Kaze YawarakaJunmai Kaze Yawaraka

Sort Pure rice 1,800 ml
Amount of money 2,801yen
degree 16 degrees


It has a soft taste with a hint of rice, and its quality is the climate of Sado, and I would like to convey that climate.
* This is a sake certified by the Local Name Association.

Junmai  hiraku

Junmai hirakuJunmai Hiraku

Sort Pure rice 720 ml
Amount of money 1,375yen
degree 16 degrees


The rice is Takane Nishiki, which is cultivated with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers that take on the challenge of farming methods that take the environment into consideration and nurture living things.The refreshing taste does not go unnoticed and matches the dishes, especially lukewarm sake is recommended.

Tour information

Sake brewery tours are not conducted.


Head Office Address 952 Sawanesumiyamachi, Sado City, 1431-50
TEL 0259-52-6511
FAX 0259-52-6511
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Start a business 1915 AD
Features In 1993, the factory was relocated in search of good water.We are also working on environmentally friendly rice brewing, such as pesticide-free cultivation and natural cultivation, based on sake brewing from rice.

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