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[Echigozakura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.] Why was "Nishikigoi Bottle Sake" born?What is the "power of sake" that connects people now and in the past?

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Echigozakura Daiginjo

Echigozakura Daiginjo Echigozakura Daiginjo

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Echigozakura Daiginjo

Echigozakura DaiginjoEchigozakura Daiginjo

Sort Daiginjo 1,800 ml
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


The concept of sake is "Daiginjo for evening drinks".
It is a type that has a soft scent, not Daiginjo, which has a scent like Gachon.
It is a sake that goes well with a variety of dishes that are "a little mature" in taste.

Daiginjo Kuradashi Squeezed Raw

Daiginjo Kuradashi Squeezed RawDaiginjo Kuradashi Namashibori

Sort Daiginjo 720 ml
degree 17 degree or more and less than 18 degree


Limited edition items sold only by brewery and mail order.
During the brewing period, it is stuffed with freshly squeezed sake, and in the summer it is stuffed with sake that has been cooled and stored.Since the model number is printed on the neck hanging tag, the taste will change in detail.

Tour information

period All year (Shikomi scenery can be seen from October to April) Holidays are Mondays (the next day during consecutive holidays) Please contact us for Obon and New Year holidays.
Time 10: 00 ~ 16: 30
Reservation Reservation required (contact us by phone)
Number of people accepted Up to about 20 people
Parking Lot 2 large buses, 10 ordinary passenger cars
Other There is sake that can only be sampled at the brewery
Contact (TEL) 1800-100-400

About Us

The head office address 959-2005-1 Yamaguchi-cho, Agano City, Niigata Prefecture 7-13
Phone 1800-100-400
FAX 1800-100-400
E-mail > E-mail
Start a business 1890 AD
Features The warehouse was rebuilt in 2008.It features a refreshing and dry taste centered on Daiginjoshu, which uses all Yamada Nishiki.We are working on making more delicious sake every day.