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Column 2023.01.31

Recommendations for a Niigata Sake Trip <Agano River Line: Gosen City, Agano City, Aga Town Edition>

A series that introduces sake trip courses in various places in Niigata Prefecture and can be used as a reference for real sake trips and Niigata sake purchases.

This time, we will focus on sake breweries in Agano City, Gosen City, and Agano City, which are located along the Agano River from the border of Fukushima Prefecture.

The first thing I would like to introduce is the upcoming local sake event “Gottsuo Matsuri Agoji in Laporte Gosen".

2023,2Month5Gosen City Exchange Center Complex on SundayLaporte GosenIt will be held in

An event where you can enjoy the "Gotzo" of Nishiaizu with Agano City, Agano City, Gosen City and Nishiaizu, which are connected by the Agano River and the Aizu Highway.

Local sake tasting is ticket-based (advance tickets are also available), and is available in Agano, Agano, and Gosen cities.5You can enjoy tasting sake from the brewery and Doburoku from Aga Town.first come first served500A gift with a logo on it!

The venue, Laporte Gosen,2021Years10A notable spot in Gosen City that opened in May.It has a multipurpose hall, a cafeteria, and a shop selling fresh produce.

Gosen specialty knit and silk products, seasonal vegetables and processed products sent directly from farmers are Gosen2Local sake from two breweries is also on sale.

The most popular item on the cafeteria menu is the grilled curry doria.

Gosen's brand of taro "Kinu Otome" is about to end, but Gosen's taro is still sold, so it's recommended to buy a local specialty as a souvenir.

Gosen Sake Brewery, Water Village

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Gosen City is known for its clean water.Kondo Shuzo, Inc.Kinshihai Shuzo Co., Ltd.There are two sake breweries.

About a walk from JR Gosen Station6in minutes,1865The representative brands of Kondo Shuzo, Inc., which was founded in Keio XNUMX, are “Suganadake” and “Koshinokaroku.”

Both are brewed with underground water from Mt. Suga, a famous peak in Gosen City.

“Koshinokaroku” is said to have a moderately sour taste along with umami, and goes well with seafood.In the manga "Oishinbo", it has appeared as a sake that goes well with escargot.I want to try it.

Kondo Shuzo, Inc. also offers a sake brewery tour on weekdays with advance reservations.


Another sake brewery in Gosen City, Kinshihai Shuzo Co., Ltd., is located in the former Muramatsu-cho.Founded1824(Bunsei7)Year.

The representative brand is "Echigo Toji."

Although it is far from the JR station, take the highway bus Gosen Muramatsu Line from Niigata Station and get off at the last stop, Muramatsu Station.From there, it is about a walk to the sake brewery.12minute.Sake brewery tours are not accepted, but sake is for sale.

You should also check out the products that are unique to this season, such as "freshly squeezed".


Since last season, Kinshihai Shuzo Co., Ltd.2Junmaishu, which uses Muramatsu Sakura Yeast that has been separated over the years, is scheduled to be brewed this season.

A new local sake unique to Muramatsu, using yeast collected from cherry blossom petals in Muramatsu Park, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot.2Shikomi from the moon, in a four bottle500~700He plans to make a book.what it smells like, what it tastes like1will it be a book?I'm looking forward.


225On the day2The first event where you can enjoy local sake from two sake breweriesEchigo Toji, an evening to enjoy the first squeezing of Mt. Suganadake” will be held.The place is Garden Hotel Maryle.I want to enjoy tasting and comparing new sake.

Mizubasho, tulips, and cherry blossoms color the earth with the arrival of spring.Let's visit sake breweries while visiting these famous places.

A sake brewery in Tsugawa where the foxfire legend remains

In the former Tsugawa town of Aga town on the border of Fukushima Prefecture,Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd.Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.There are two sake breweries.

For a sake trip to Tsugawa, it is recommended to use the Ban'etsu West Line, although the number of services is small.The scenery from the train window along the Agano River invites you to travel.

The brewery of Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd. and Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. are almost next to each other, and about a walking distance from Tsugawa Station.30Minute.

Head across the bright red Kirin Bridge.If you look at the Fukushima Prefecture side from the center of the Kirin Bridge, you will see Kirinzan, which reminds you of the shape of a giraffe.It's a beautiful scenery no matter how many times you look at it.


The founding of Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd.1843(Tempo14) in XNUMX, the representative brand is Kirinzan.this year,180celebrate the anniversary.

Tanrei Karakuchi's sake, which is represented by Kirinzan Dento Karakuchi, which is popularly known as Denkara, has many fans, mainly in the local area, as an evening drink.

In addition to the standard sake, we recommend the freshly squeezed Nama Genshu “Kirinzan Potari Potari” as a limited edition sake unique to this season.Made with sake rice and Gohyakumangoku11In the month, and the one using Koshitanrei is the beginning of the year1Released in May.


Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd. has been aiming for rice for a long time.100%Produced locally in Aga Town2018realized in the year.

The Okuaga Sake Rice Study Group, which works with producers, and the Agricultural Business Department in the company are responsible for rice production.

As the first of the 180th anniversary commemorative projects, "Rice-making university”, and is currently recruiting first-year students.Check it out if you're interested.

Sake brewery tour5From the moon9Only on weekdays in the middle of the month.Check the official website for details.


The founding of another sake brewery, Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.1880(Meiji13), representative brands include Tanrei Karakuchi's Kirin and Homare Kirin.

The new brand "Kanbara" is characterized by its umami and richness, and is gaining popularity at izakayas in Niigata City.

Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is also focusing on aged sake based on high technology.2000``Tokijoshu'', which has been matured since XNUMX, is commercialized every year.It has a beautiful amber color and a deep brandy-like flavor.Long-term Aged Sake Study Groupand participates in joint events.


At Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., brewery tours and tastings are available by reservation throughout the year (consultation required on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).I would like to take a tour of the sake brewery and taste and compare different kinds of sake.

42They also participate in the "Aga Hina Meguri" event, which is held until August, so you can enjoy viewing the hina dolls as well as visiting the sake brewery.

The main venue for Agahina Meguri is2A few minutes walk from Tsunokurafox's betrothalIt is.Here you can also experience making a fox mask.


At Ochanoma Kyutaro in the facility, you can also enjoy hearty kitsune udon made with deep-fried tofu from Araki Tofu-ya in the neighboring city of Agano.

Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. "Homare Kirin" one cup and Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd. "Kirinzan Traditional Dry" small bottle (180 ml) are also on sale, so why not enjoy local sake with udon noodles?

 The town of Tsugawa has a variety of shops in a small town, such as koji (rice koji) shops, pickles shops, and meat shops that sell horse meat, which gives you a sense of the history of the Aizu domain. 


In front of the two sake breweries "Bread and Snacks Okuaga CombileeThere is.

In addition to bread and baked goods that make use of local ingredients, the café also offers sweets such as glass desserts using seasonal fruits.I want to use it as a resting spot.

Located in the swan landing area3three sake breweries

Agano City is home to Lake Hyoko, which is known as one of the prefecture's leading swans migratory destinations.3There are two sake breweries.

by car from Hyoko7within minutesEchigozakura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.was founded in1890(Meiji23), the representative brand is “Echigozakura”.

Due to the corona crisis, it is no longer possible to visit the brewery in person, but we are conducting a sake brewery experience tour using VR goggles.

You can enjoy this scene through goggles.Make a reservation from the official website and go out.


At the shop, you can sample freshly squeezed freshly squeezed sake.You can purchase a wide variety of products, from classics to seasonal limited sake, amazake (sweet sake), and goods.

Scheduled to be released in February, spring limited Daiginjoshu.


About a walk from Lake Hyoko25Minute,JRAbout a walk from Suwon Station7In the place of minutesHakuryu Shuzo Co., Ltd.was founded in1839(Tempo10), the representative brand is “Hakuryu”.You can't tour the brewery, but you can purchase products.

Many people are looking forward to Daiginjo Arabashiri this season.2Sales will begin at the beginning of the month.

“Yogurt Liqueur Moumou”, which was created in collaboration with Yasuda Yogurt, also in Agano City, is popular with women.

by car from the brewery15Yasuda Yogurt in a place about a minute away"Y&Y Garden'I would like to extend my legs to


Another sake brewery in Agano CityKoshitsukano Brewery Co., Ltd.It is,2It is located near the Agano River, a little far from the two sake breweries.

Founded1781In the first year of Tenmei, the representative brand was Kawachiya Yoshiteru.

Local sake is brewed using "Tsukano Yeast", which is the yeast of the house.You can't visit the brewery, but you can sell it.You can also order local sake with original labels at the online shop.


Spots of interest in Agano City last year8National highway in the moon49Opened along the No. "Road Station Agano. "

The triangular roof that imitates Mt. Gozu is the symbol.

It sells local sake from three breweries in Agano City and Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd.

It has an excellent selection of seasonal agricultural products, processed goods, and original souvenirs.

Many restaurants and cafes have menus that can only be tasted here.

Agano Shokudo Nigirimanma's "Nigirimanma set meal".

Agano Dairy Cafe's raw milk soft-serve ice cream is also popular.

There are indoor and outdoor spaces for children to enjoy, so it's a good place to go out as a family.

Enjoy a sake brewery, Yasuda Yogurt, shopping and gourmet tours at Michi-no-Eki Agaga, and if you have more time, go to Gozu Onsen and relax in a footbath or day-trip bath.Agano city's sake trip teppan course.

Photo Cooperation: Laporte Gosen, Kitsune no Yomeiri Yashiki, Kondo Shuzo, Inc., Kinshihai Shuzo Co., Ltd., Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd., Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Hakuryu Shuzo Co., Ltd., Echigozakura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Koshitsukano Sake Brewery


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