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[Tamagawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.] "Tamafuumi" that empowers harsh nature Sake that aims to be the only one in the world that no one can imitate

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Representative stock

Uonuma Tamafuumi

Uonuma Tamafuumi Uonuma Tamafumi

It is a representative brand of Tamagawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., which has been a favorite drink in the local Uonuma city (former Sumon village) since its establishment in XNUMX.The delicious yet dry taste goes well with the dishes of Snow Country Uonuma.You can enjoy it with cold sake or hot sake.


It's the key

It's the keyIt key

Sort Junmai Ginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 1,450yen
degree 12 degrees


This sake is inspired by the key to opening a new door for sake.We have achieved a light taste that could not be felt with traditional sake.Delicious sake in a wine glass Award Main category highest gold award winning sake.

Echigo Yukikura

Echigo YukikuraEchigo Yukikura

Sort DaiGinjoshu 720 ml
Amount of money 4,600yen
degree 17 degrees


It is the highest quality sake brewed using 100% Yamada Nishiki from Niigata prefecture and combining all the technologies of Tamagawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.Immediately after being squeezed, the sake is packed into products and matured in a natural snow storage.The 91st Kanto Shinetsu National Taxation Bureau Liquor Appraisal Committee Ginjo Division Excellence Award winning sake.

Echigo samurai

Echigo samuraiEchigo Samurai

Sort Liqueur 720 ml
Amount of money 2,550yen
degree 46 degrees


It is a liqueur of sake that was considered to have the highest alcohol content. (Currently, items over 22 degrees are classified as liqueur)
You can feel the umami and sweetness derived from rice in the taste like vodka.

Tour information

period All year (1/1 is closed)
Time Open: 9:00 - 16:00
Reservation Must not
Number of people accepted Nothing in particular
Parking Lot 6 buses or 20 cars
Contact (TEL) 025-797-2017


Head Office Address 946 Suhara, Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture 0216-1643
TEL 025-797-2777
FAX 025-797-2346
E-mail > E-mail
Start a business 1673 AD
Features It is a sake brewery with a history of 340 years.The sake made with the traditional secret technique of the brewer and the melted snow water that springs from the middle of the back mountain is exceptionally delicious.We also tour the sake brewery, and you can always sample 10 types of sake.

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