"Niigata Sake no Jin2024" has ended.
Many people visited us over the two days of March 3th (Sat) and 9th (Sun),
Thank you very much!
We will continue to strive to offer services that satisfy as many people as possible.
See you next year!

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Participating breweries will exhibit simultaneously on both days March 2024 (Sat) and 3 (Sun), 9 Toki Messe Wave Market
Limited to the first 4,000 people each time, held 4 times in total, morning session 10:10 (13:14 tasting start) to 14:17, afternoon session XNUMX:XNUMX (XNUMX:XNUMX tasting start) to XNUMX:XNUMX
Tasting ticket (You cannot enter without a tasting ticket.) A ticket (with reserved seats) 5,000 yen 1000 per session, B ticket (no seat) 3,500 yen 3000 per session
Important notice regarding admission If you have lost or forgotten your ticket/You will not be able to enter without a ticket under any circumstances, such as if you forget to bring your ticket, lose it, or have it stolen. When visiting, please be sure to check your ticket. If you lose or forget your ticket/No one will be admitted without a ticket under any circumstances, including forgetting to bring it, loss, theft, etc.Please make sure to have your ticket with you when you come to the venue.


Floor Map

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  • A block
  • B block
  • C block
  • D block
  • E block
  • F block
  • G block

2F Esplanade

2F Esplanade

What's New

  • T-LIFE Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • JA Zennoh
  • Kameda Confectionery
  • JR East Niigata Branch
  • Yamato Transport
  • Toki Air


Is admission free?

A paid tasting ticket is required to enter the tasting venue (Wave Market).

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Ticket overview

General sale ticket information (e-plus limited sale)(*Credit card payment only), or purchase from the multi-copy machine in FamilyMart store>

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Is it possible for minors to enter?

This is a venue for customers who come for the purpose of tasting Niigata sake, so those under the age of 20 are not allowed to enter.

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Is it possible to buy alcohol?

You can purchase at each brewery's booth in the tasting venue on the 1st floor of Toki Messe.

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Is there a place to store my luggage?

Please use the coin lockers installed at Toki Messe (Toki Messe info).

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Can I eat inside the venue?

You can purchase and eat at the food booth in the venue.There is also a restaurant inside the Toki Messe facility.

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Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo

2024 Sake no Jin Exhibition Sake Brewery78Introducing Kura!

*The number of participating sake breweries was changed to 2 as the 78 sake breweries scheduled to participate canceled due to various reasons.

Murakami City

Taiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTaiyouzakari


958-0857-1 Iino, Murakami 4-31
TEL.0254-53-3145 FAX.0254-53-3148

Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Representative stockShimeharitsuru


958-0873 Kamikatamachi, Murakami 5-15
TEL.0254-52-5181 FAX.0254-53-1433

Shibata City

Ohmon Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockAumont


957-0054-1 Honmachi, Shibata 7-5
TEL.0254-22-2350 FAX.0254-23-6233

Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKikusui


957 Shimagata, Shibata City, 0011-750
TEL.0254-24-5111 FAX.0254-23-5255

Kanemasu Sake Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKanemasu


957-0016-1 Toyocho, Shibata City, 9-30
TEL.0254-22-3131 FAX.0254-22-7377

Agano City

Echigozakura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockEchigozakura


959-2005-1 Yamaguchicho, Agano City, 7-13
TEL.0250-62-2033 FAX.0250-62-2708

Koshitsukano Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockYoyoizumi


959 Wata, Agano City, 2074-1328
TEL.0250-62-2011 FAX.0250-62-2666

Hakuryu Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockHakuryuu


959-2025 Okayamacho, Agano City, 3-7
TEL.0250-62-2222 FAX.0250-62-2942

Aga Town

Kirinzan Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKirinzan


959 Tsugawa, Aga-cho, Higashikanbara-gun, 4402-46
TEL.0254-92-3511 FAX.0254-92-5166

Kaetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKirin


959 Tsugawa, Aga-cho, Higashikanbara-gun, 4402-3644
TEL.0254-92-32115 FAX.0254-92-5618

Gosen City

Kondo Shuzo, Inc.

Representative stockKoshinokaroku


959-1824-2 Yoshizawa, Gosen City 3-30
TEL.0250-43-3187 FAX.0250-43-3188

Kinshihai Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockEchigo Toji


〒959-1704 1836-1 Kou, Muramatsu, Gosen City
TEL.0250-58-7125 FAX.0250-58-8441


Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockImayotsukasa


950-0074 Kagamigaoka, Chuo Ward, Niigata City 1-1
TEL.025-245-3231 FAX.025-245-3233

Ishimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshinokambai


950-0116 Kitayama, Konan Ward, Niigata City, 847-1

Shiokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshinoseki


950 Uchinocho, Nishi Ward, Niigata City, 2112-662
TEL.025-262-2039 FAX.025-261-3262

Takano Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshijifubuki


950-2253 Kiyama, Nishi Ward, Niigata City, 24-1
TEL.025-239-2046 FAX.025-239-3433

DHC Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshinobairi


〒950-3322 1-6-1 Kayama, Kita Ward, Niigata City
TEL.025-387-2025 FAX.025-387-3702

Echigo Shuzojo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshi no Happo


950-3321 Katsurazuka, Kita Ward, Niigata City, 3306-1
TEL.025-387-2008 FAX.025-386-1160


Representative stockShozora


〒950-3324 576-1 Otsu Maeshinden, Kita Ward, Niigata City
TEL.025-250-0069 FAX.025-250-0069

Takarayama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTakarayama


953 Iwase, Nishikan Ward, Niigata City, 0141-2953
TEL.0256-82-2003 FAX.0256-82-2697

Mineno Hakubai Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockMinenohakubai


953 Fukui, Nishikan Ward, Niigata City 0076-1833
TEL.0256-73-5000 FAX.0256-73-8800

Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd.

Representative stockEchigo Tsurukame


953 Takenocho, Nishikan Ward, Niigata City, 0023-2580
TEL.0256-72-2039 FAX.0256-73-3875

Sasaiwai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockBamboo celebration


953 Matsunoo, Nishikan Ward, Niigata City 0015-3249
TEL.0256-72-3982 FAX.0256-72-3986

Yahiko Village

Yahiko Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshinohakusetsu


〒959-0321 1830-1 Kamiizumi, Yahiko Village, Nishikanbara District
TEL.0256-94-3100 FAX.0256-94-4990

Kamo City

Kamonishiki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKamonishiki


959-1351 Nakacho, Kamo City, 3-3
TEL.0256-52-0035 FAX.0256-52-1124

Masukagami Co., Ltd.

Representative stockMasukagami


959-1355-1 Wakamiyacho, Kamo City, 1-32
TEL.0256-52-0041 FAX.0256-41-4144

Yukitsubaki Syuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKosino Yukitsubaki


959-1351 Nakacho, Kamo City, 3-14
TEL.0256-53-2700 FAX.0256-52-0291

Sanjo City

Fukugao Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockhappy face


955-0061-1 Hayashimachi, Sanjo City 5-38
TEL.0256-33-0123 FAX.0256-33-4675


Hakuro Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKashiro


940 Kojima, Tokamachi, Nagaoka 1131-1927
TEL.0258-22-2234 FAX.0258-22-2235

Yoshinogawa Co., Ltd.

Representative stockYoshinogawa


940-1105-4 Settaya, Nagaoka 8-12
TEL.0258-35-3000 FAX.0258-36-1107

Hasegawa Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockEchigo Sekkobai


940-1105-2 Settaya, Nagaoka 7-28
TEL.0258-32-0270 FAX.0258-35-6066

Ofuku Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockOfukumasamune


940 Yokomakuracho, Nagaoka City, 1117-606
TEL.0258-22-0086 FAX.0258-22-0087

Yoshinogawa Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshinotsuru


940-0217 Tochio Omachi, Nagaoka 2-8
TEL.0258-52-3667 FAX.0258-52-9817

Morohashi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshino Kagetora


〒940-0241 408 Kitahikoro, Nagaoka City
TEL.0258-52-1151 FAX.0258-53-6106

Nakagawa Sake Brewery Inc.

Representative stockKoshinohakugan


940 Wakinocho, Nagaoka 2306-2011
TEL.0258-42-2707 FAX.0258-42-2596

Kawachu Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockSouthembou


940 Wakinocho, Nagaoka 2306-1677
TEL.0258-42-2405 FAX.0258-42-2822

Sekihara Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockEchigo Nagaoka Domain


940-2035-1 Sekiharacho, Nagaoka 1029-1
TEL.0258-46-2010 FAX.0258-46-6519

Tochikura Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKomehyappyo


〒940-2146 1-274-3 Otsumi-cho, Nagaoka City
TEL.0258-46-2205 FAX.0258-47-1030

Asahi Shuzo Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Representative stockAsahiyama Senju Hai


949-5494 Asahi, Nagaoka City, 880-1
TEL.0258-92-3181 FAX.0258-92-4875

Ikeura Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockWarakugoson


949 Ryodaka, Nagaoka 4524-1538
TEL.0258-74-3141 FAX.0258-74-2882


Niigata Meijo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockChoujazakari


947-0004-1 Toei, Ojiya City, 8-39
TEL.0258-83-2025 FAX.0258-83-2269

Takanoi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTakano well


947-0004-3 Toei, Ojiya City, 7-67
TEL.0258-83-3450 FAX.0258-83-4495


Hara Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshinomare


945-0056 Shinbashi, Kashiwazaki 5-12
TEL.0257-23-6221 FAX.0257-20-1032

Abe Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockabe


945 Yasuda, Kashiwazaki City, 1352-3560

Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockHimenoi


945-1502 Okanocho, Takayanagicho, Kashiwazaki City, 1820-2
TEL.0257-41-2004 FAX.0257-41-3080

Uonuma City

Midorikawa Sake Company Co., Ltd.

Representative stockMidorikawa


946-0043 Aoshima, Uonuma 4015-1
TEL.025-792-2117 FAX.025-792-6696

Tamagawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTamafuumi


946 Suhara, Uonuma 0216-1643
TEL.025-797-2017 FAX.025-797-2346


Matsunoi Shuzojo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockMatsunoi


〒948-0122 50-1 Kou, Ueno, Tokamachi City
TEL.025-768-2047 FAX.025-768-3927

Uonuma Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTenjinbayashi


949 Hei Nakajo, Tokamachi 8614-1276
TEL.025-752-3017 FAX.025-752-6867

Minamiuonuma City

Hakkaisan Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockHakkaisan


949 Nagamori, Minamiuonuma 7112-1051
TEL.025-775-3121 FAX.025-775-3714

Aoki Shuzo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockCrane age


949 Shiozawa, Minamiuonuma 6408-1214
TEL.025-782-0012 FAX.025-782-9758

Tsunan Town

Naeba Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockNaebasan


〒949-8201 555 Disembatari, Tsunan-cho, Nakauonuma-gun
TEL.025-765-2011 FAX.025-765-5100

Tsunan Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTsunan


949 Akinari, Tsunan-cho, Nakauonuma-gun, 8313-7141
TEL.025-765-5252 FAX.025-765-5266

Yuzawa Town

Shirataki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockJouzen Mizunogotoshi


949 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-cho, Minamiuonuma-gun, 6101-2640
TEL.025-784-3443 FAX.025-785-5485

Joetsu City

Musashino Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockSukimasamune


943-0834-4 Saijocho, Joetsu 7-46
TEL.025-523-2169 FAX.025-524-3041

Tanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockNoutaka


949-1701 Nagahama, Joetsu 129-1
TEL.025-546-2311 FAX.025-546-2433

Myokoshuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockMyokosan


943-0841-2 Minamihonmachi, Joetsu 7-47
TEL.025-522-2111 FAX.025-522-1403

Maruyama Brewing Co., Ltd.

Representative stockSettyuubai


942 Tonowa, Sanwa-ku, Joetsu City, 0264-617
TEL.025-532-2603 FAX.025-532-2535

(Capital) Takeda Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKatafune


〒949-3114 171-ko Kamikofunatsuhama, Ogata Ward, Joetsu City
TEL.025-534-2320 FAX.025-534-4542

Koyama Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockEchigojiman


949 Dosokohama, Ogata Ward, Joetsu City, 3112-3627
TEL.025-534-2022 FAX.025-534-6415

Kubiki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKubiki


949 Kakizaki, Kakizaki Ward, Joetsu City, 3216-5765
TEL.025-536-2329 FAX.025-536-3756

Yoyogiku Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockChibitagawa


949 Kakutori, Kakizaki Ward, Joetsu City, 3247-597
TEL.025-536-2469 FAX.025-536-6380

Katou Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKataichi


949-3417 Shimofukazawa, Yoshikawa Ward, Joetsu City, 233-1
TEL.025-548-3765 FAX.025-548-2965

Jouetsu Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockEchigo Bijin


943 Iida, Joetsu City, 0422-508
TEL.025-528-4011 FAX.025-528-4058

Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKoshino Hakucho


942 Yokokawa, Uragawara Ward, Joetsu City, 0315-660
TEL.025-599-2236 FAX.025-599-2237

Yoshikawa Touji no Sato Co., Ltd.

Representative stockYoshikawatoji


〒949-3449 XNUMX Toji-no-Sato, Yoshikawa-ku, Joetsu City
TEL.025-548-2331 FAX.025-548-2322

Myoko City

Kiminoi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKiminoi


944-0048 Shitamachi, Myoko 3-11
TEL.0255-72-3136 FAX.0255-73-7393

Chiyonohikari Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockchiyonohikari


944 Kubomatsubara, Myoko 0061-656
TEL.0255-72-2814 FAX.0255-73-7600

Ayumasamune Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockAyumasamune


944 Saruhashi, Myoko 0341-636
TEL.0255-75-2231 FAX.0255-75-2328


Tahara Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockSnow crane


941-0051-1 Oshiage, Itoigawa City, 1-25
TEL.025-552-0109 FAX.025-552-2189

Kaganoi Sake Inc.

Representative stockKaganoi


941-0061-2 Omachi, Itoigawa 3-5
TEL.025-552-0047 FAX.0025-552-4482

(Name) Watanabe Shuzoten

Representative stockNechi Otokoyama


949-0536 Negoya, Itoigawa 1197-1
TEL.025-558-2006 FAX.025-558-2273

Inomata Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTsukimizunoike


941-0022 Shinmachi, Itoigawa 71-1
TEL.025-555-2402 FAX.025-555-4006

Sado City

Obata Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockManotsuru


〒952-0318 449 Mano Shinmachi, Sado City
TEL.0259-55-3171 FAX.0259-55-4215

Henmi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Representative stockShinryo


〒952-0305 84-Ko, Nagaseki, Sado City
TEL.0259-55-2046 FAX.0259-55-2326

Tenryohai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockTenryohai


〒952-0028 458 Kamo Utashiro, Sado City
TEL.0259-23-2111 FAX.0259-23-2901

Hokusetsu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Representative stockHokusetsu


952-0706 Tokuwa, Sado City, 2377-2
TEL.0259-87-3105 FAX.0259-87-3173

Kato Shuzoten Co., Ltd.

Representative stockKintsuru


952 Sawane Sumiyacho, Sado City, 1431-50
TEL.0259-52-6511 FAX.0259-52-6511

Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo Sake party photo

About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

  • Icon 5

    Alleviating crowding at the venue

    We will pre-sell admission tickets limited to 1 people per day (3 courses of 2 hours per session) and manage the number of people.

  • Icon 6

    Hand disinfection

    We will be disinfecting our hands as an infection control measure. (Please check your physical condition before visiting, and please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well.)

  • Icon 7

    Wearing a mask

    Wearing a mask is a personal decision. (There may be cases where you are required to wear a mask at the discretion of the business, or there may be cases where employees do not wear masks.)

  • Icon 3

    good ventilation

    The venue will always be ventilated. (The door inside the venue will be left open for ventilation. Please be careful with your clothes so that you can adapt to the high and low temperatures in the venue.)

  • Icon 1

    Disinfection cleaning in the venue

    Disinfection in the regular venue. (Sterilization cleaning is performed for 1 hour every 1 course)

  • Icon 4

    Of the staff
    Health care

    We will perform temperature and health checks. We will provide education regarding infection prevention to staff. (including part-time jobs)

Precautions at the venue


No bringing in!

alcohol and
Food and drink
What to bring
Please stop.


No fighting!

inside the venue
each dispute
Please stop.


No interruptions!

Interrupting the column
of customers queuing
Sorry for the inconvenience
Please stop.


Drunk NG!

to drink too much
All the way
ご 注意 く だ さ い.


No drunk driving!

For those driving a car
drinking is hard
I refuse.


Don't take a place!

blue sheet or
chairs etc.
The place you brought in
Please stop.

Request from Fukushuke

Please help us to make "Niigata Sake no Jin" enjoyable for everyone.


Toki Messe
wave market

950-0078 Bandaijima, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 6-1
TEL.025-246-8400 FAX.025-246-8411

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Access from Niigata Station
Please check the Niigata Kotsu website for bus timetables

Niigata Transportation

Access by water shuttle

Shinanogawa Water Shuttle

○ Please use public transportation to the venue.
○ Take a bus bound for "Sado Kisen" from Niigata Station
 Get off at "Toki Messe"
○Please refrain from parking around the venue without permission.

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○ Drink moderately after turning 20. ○ Avoid drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding. ○ Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited for those who drive.


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