Niigata Sake no Jin

The number of sake breweries in Japan!A big sake event where Niigata sake breweries gather!

"Niigata Sake no Jin" will not be held in March 2022

 At the end of September this year, the state of emergency for the coronavirus was finally lifted, the double vaccination rate for Japan as a whole exceeded 9%, and the number of daily infected people is decreasing.On the other hand, there is a possibility that the infection will return as the daily life is gradually restored, and there is still uncertainty about the path to the end of the corona infection, such as the possibility of the "sixth wave" and the high level of infection in the United Kingdom. I have.

 "Niigata Sake no Jin", which has become a major event in Niigata Prefecture, requires the cooperation of many people concerned, including sake breweries, before it is held, and it takes a considerable amount of time to prepare for the event. Under such an uncertain infection situation, the Niigata Sake Brewers Association and the Niigata Sake no Jin Executive Committee are not in an environment where they can proceed with the planning of the "Sake Team", which has a large number of customers. We are pleased to inform you that we have decided not to hold "Niigata Sake no Jin" as of March 2022.

 In the future, we would like to consider holding a "new form of sake camp" when the infection situation has subsided and calmed down.In addition, at the "Niigata Sake Bar (" (Niigata Prefecture "Consumption Stimulation / Demand Expansion Project" Support Project Adopted Project) held by the Prefectural Sake Brewery Association on November 11th and 20st this year. Is planning to take sufficient infection prevention measures, but we would like to fully reflect the results in the future "Sake Team".


March 3, 11rd year of Reiwa (Monday)
Niigata Sake Brewers Association Chairman Odaira Shunji
Niigata Sake no Jin Executive Committee Executive Committee Chairman Shuntaro Saito

What is Niigata Sake no Jin?

What is Niigata Sake no Jin?

The first "Niigata Sake no Jin" was held in 50 to commemorate the 2004th anniversary of the Niigata Sake Brewers Association.The model was the Oktoberfest, a traditional beer festival that has been held since 1 in Munich, Germany.The concept is to cherish the land and enjoy local food and sake with people from outside the prefecture and abroad.
The number of visitors to "Niigata Sake no Jin" increased with each round, and in 2019, 2 people enjoyed "Niigata Sake no Jin" in two days.
For visitors, we will prepare more than 500 kinds of Niigata sake and various Niigata dishes, as well as stage events, sake seminars, etc. It is a festival full of "Niigata style" individuality. I will.

Commitment to sake brewing

Commitment to sake brewing

Compared to sake from other prefectures, sake brewing in Niigata is very luxurious.For example, how to use rice.At the sake brewery, we spare no effort to turn brown rice into white rice and then polish it.
Remove the surface nuka and use the starch from the rice core.Polished rice is polished even more, leaving only the really good parts to make clean sake.
Therefore, the amount of alcohol that can be produced is very small.Niigata sake continues to focus on taste and quality rather than quantity.