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Column 2023.08.21

Recommendations for a Niigata Sake Trip <Joetsu City Part XNUMX>

A series that introduces sake trip courses in various places in Niigata Prefecture and can be used as a reference for real sake trips and Niigata sake purchases.This time, as the first part of Joetsu City, we will introduce six sake breweries and sightseeing spots in Joetsu City that you should visit from late summer to autumn.


On October 10st and 21nd, at Takada Honmachi Shopping Street, which is about a 22-minute walk from Takada Station.The 18th Echigo Kenshin Sake FestivalWill be held.

The big attraction of this event is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages as a sake event that takes place in an 800m long shopping street.I would like you to use this special feature as a preparation before participating in the event.

There are 12 sake breweries in Joetsu City.We will cover sake breweries with various natural environments and histories, such as coastal areas, satoyama areas, and roadside stations, in two parts.

Kubiki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. and Yoyogiku Brewery Co., Ltd., located in Kakizaki Ward, adjacent to Kashiwazaki City, both brew sake that is associated with famous water.

About 20 minutes by car from Kubiki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., there is Odeguchi Sensui, which has been selected as one of the 350 famous waters of the Heisei period.The famous water that springs out from an altitude of about XNUMX meters on the slopes of Mt.

One of the XNUMX famous waters of the Heisei era, Oguchi Springs

The information board at the Oguchi Spring introduces the famous Oguchi Spring and the Chibitagawa Spring.

The view from Oguchi Izumi

1697 (Genroku10), Kubiki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., which was founded in XNUMX, uses this famous water for Shikomi water along with its own well.Mainly for Junmai Ginjo and Daiginjo, which are brewed by long-term low-temperature fermentation, the softer water of the Oguchi spring is used.

Kubiki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.'s "Koshijinokoubai" Daiginjoshu (for exhibition) is2023Years4Echigo Toji's number for which the award ceremony was held in May1Received the prefectural governor's award at the historic "Echigo style sake brewing technology championship" that decides the best sake.

Kubiki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., which sells attractive limited-edition sake for each season, is definitely the focus of autumn.

"Koshijinokoubai Junmai Sake with Saury"

“Koshijinokoubai Saury and Nomu Junmai Genshu” will be released in September.When it first appeared a few years ago, it was a rarity to find a product that emphasized food that goes well with it, and the novelty of the design made it a hot topic.Currently, there are many fans who are waiting impatiently for this sake along with the saury season.

The same sake Nama Genshu8sold in a month.

"Koshijinokoubai Saury and Junmai Nama Genshu"


Another sake brewery related to famous water,Yoyogiku Brewery Co., Ltd.was founded in the Tenmei period of the Edo period (1781~89year).

In this brewery, the famous water “Chibitagawa spring water”, which is introduced on the Oguchi spring information board, is used as Shikomi water.

Chibitagawa spring water. There is also a theory that the ``rei'' of ``cold water'' changed to ``gin''.

Halfway up Mt. Ogami, the ultra-soft water with a temperature of about 250°C gushes out from the Fudo Myoo Sacred Land at an altitude of about 10m.“Fermentation progresses slowly, producing soft, good sake,” says Fusanao Nakazawa, president of Yoyogiku Brewery Co., Ltd.It used to be a place of faith as Fudo Myoo Sacred Land.

Yoyogiku Brewery Co., Ltd. sells the "Chibitagawa" series, which is brewed using Chibitagawa spring water and rice grown in its own fields.

It is a series that has fans both inside and outside the prefecture due to the beautiful taste that makes use of the famous water and the cuteness of the sound of "Chibitagawa".


In September, the limited edition sake “Chibitagawa Koshitan Ginjo Hiyaoroshi” will be released, which is made by aging Ginjoshu using Koshitanrei sake rice.

"Chibitagawa Koshitan Ginjo Hiyaoroshi"

I would like to enjoy comparing drinking with standard sake.

Sake brewery tours are also available.10~16time (excluding break time),1Up to XNUMX people.President Nakazawa's collection of sake cups is also worth seeing.


There are also sake breweries in the former Higashi Kubiki District and Naka Kubiki District of Joetsu City.

Near Urakawara Station on the Hokuhoku Line, which connects Muikamachi Station in Minamiuonuma City and Saigata Station in Joetsu City,Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Co., Ltd...Founded1922(Taisho11)Year.

The name of the sake brewery at the time of its founding was Kameya Sake Brewery.1963(Showa38) in Koshinotsuyu Sake Brewery in the former Matsunoyama-cho (now Tokamachi-shi)3Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Co., Ltd. was born by merging with Kura.moreover65(Showa40), Ichikawa Sake Brewery in the former Nakazato Village (same) joined the company.


At this brewery, Mr. Masamitsu Murayama of the former Koshi no Tsuyu Brewery, who served as the first president after the merger, was the nephew of the great writer Ango Sakaguchi. Triggered by the Matsunoyama Ango Festival, we have added a new product, Junmai Ginjo Koshi no Tsuyu.

"Junmai Ginjo Koshi no Dew"

The Shikomi water is Tokamachi's famous water, Yanagi Shimizu, and the label is drawn by Ango.

By the way, the former residence of Koshinotsuyu Sake Brewery in Matsunoyama, Tokamachi City,Omuneyama Art Museum, valuable relics of Ango Sakaguchi, calligraphy and paintings, and items that convey the life of the Shoya are on display. (Closed during the winter snow season).It is also recommended to stretch your legs.


Approximately by car from Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Co., Ltd.10Minute.

Known as "Settyuubai" in the former Sanwa VillageMaruyama Brewing Co., Ltd...Founded1897(Meiji30)Year.

It is popular for its sake with a light and umami taste.4It was Saburo Maruyama's feelings for the local people.Relieves the fatigue of work, and doesn't affect your pocket the next day after drinking too much.2It is said that he was particular about the quality of sake, not dry, but umami, as a sake that can be satisfied with a combination.

A classic at Maruyama Brewing Co., Ltd.3In addition to types, we also sell seasonal sake.

"Settyuubai Tokubetu Junmaishu"

7 ~9"Settyuubai Tokubetu Junmaishu", which is sold only monthly, is a luxurious Junmaishu made with Gohyakumangoku from Joetsu, koji made with a special futa koji method, and Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture for the rice.It has a clean taste.

"Settyuubai Umeshu"

At the "Feminaries Wine Competition", an evaluation by a blind judge of female wine experts held in France2022"Settyuubai Umeshu", which won the liqueur category gold medal in XNUMX,9This season's edition will be released in May.

You cannot tour the brewery, but you can purchase sake.I would like to visit a rural area rich in nature surrounded by satoyama.

About XNUMX minutes by car from Maruyama Brewing Co., Ltd.10in the place ofAoki misoThere, they sell floating koji miso, which is unique to Joetsu.about by car15MinIwanohara VineyardThen,9Month30A harvest experience event will be held on the same day.

The second stone storehouse of Iwanohara Vineyard. Built in 1898 (Meiji 31) and registered as a cultural property designated by Joetsu City, it is currently used as a barrel aging warehouse.


From Satoyama to the Sea of ​​Japan. About a car from Maruyama Brewing Co., Ltd.20There is a seaside that runs for a minuteTakeda Shuzo Co., Ltd..

About a walk from Dosokohama Station on the Shinetsu Main Line15Min's place.Founded1866(Keio2)Year. Aiming to be the "Big Dream of a Small Brewery and the Best Sake Brewery in Japan", we have developed the Umakuchi "Katafune" series, which has won numerous awards in domestic and international contests.

"Katafune Hanajikan"

Furthermore, "Katafune Hanajikan", which was developed as a product for beginners, has a sweet and clean taste like noble rot wine.2021Won the best gold prize of the delicious sake award in a wine glass.

Sake rice planting with students from Ogata Elementary School

Since two years ago, we have been planting and harvesting sake rice with students from the local Ogata Elementary School, and making sake together.20We are also doing Initiatives to give gifts when we become old.

The sake you taste for the first time is the crystal of your sweat1Books are the most luxurious gifts for adults.The deliciousness is immeasurable, and your thoughts on sake will be special.

Sake brewery tours are limited to winter,1Times5Less than XNUMX person, reservation required.


From Dosokohama Station, take the Echigo Tokimeki Railway via Naoetsu Station and get off at Tanihama Station.walk from station1A sake brewery with a view of the Sea of ​​Japan in front of youTanaka Sake Brewery Co.,

A train runs in front of the sake brewery, and beyond that lies the Sea of ​​Japan.

"Tokubetsu Junmai Aged Sake Autumn Color" is the seasonal limited edition of the locally loved "Noutaka" series.

"Noutaka Tokubetsu junmai Aged Sake Autumn Color"

Junmaishu, which has been matured for more than one summer, is a perfect match with autumn seafood.In addition, I would like to pay attention to the products of Tanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.2I have a book.

Sea of ​​Japan Terrace of "Joetsu City Aquarium Umigatari".Evening scenery is beautiful

Umigatari Tube

One is a popular tourist spot in Joetsu near Naoetsu Station, "Joetsu City Aquarium Umigatari"Noutaka Ginjo Raw Storage Penginama" with the motif of Magellan Penguin.It's a fruity Ginjoshu.

"Noutaka Ginjo Raw Storage Pen Gin Nama".When you look at the label from the front, the silhouettes of aquarium animals emerge.


It is not sold at the aquarium, but can be purchased at sake stores in the Naoetsu area.

Already1The book is "Noutaka Junmaishu Maejima Hisoka Label" with the motif of Hisoka Maejima, the "Father of Postal Service" from Joetsu City.

"Noutaka Junmaishu Maejima secret label"

It comes in a post-shaped box, making it ideal as a souvenir.

About25At the site of Maejima's birthplace,Maejima Memorial HallThere is.

At the Maejima Memorial Hall, you can see exhibitions introducing Maejima's achievements, relics, and writings.

After touching the statue of Mitsu Maejima at the memorial hall, I would like to purchase collaboration sake as a souvenir at a nearby sake store.

You can also purchase products and tour the brewery at Tanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.Visit1Reservation required at least a week in advance.


The sea, mountains, villages, and famous water.Let's go on a deep sake trip to Joetsu City, where you can find new charms no matter how many times you visit.


Photo cooperation: Joetsu City Aquarium Umigatari, Maejima Memorial Hall, Kubiki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., Yoyogiku Brewery Co., Ltd., Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Co., Ltd., Maruyama Brewing Co., Ltd., Takeda Shuzo Co., Ltd., Tanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.



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