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Brewery information 2023.08.18

Open factory "KULABO"

Open factory "KULABO" is a direct sales store of Takano Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. where you can freely tour the bottling factory.
The name "KULABO" comes from the meaning of "sake brewery", "collaboration between breweries" and "sake brewery laboratory".
In addition to sake tasting and factory tours, the store also sells sake from Takano Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. and nearby breweries, as well as Niigata specialties.

The brewing culture has been nurtured by the Hokkoku Highway and its post towns in Nishikan*, a brewery cluster that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world.
"Nikan Brewery Road"
We are dreaming of a future filled with excitement in the Nikan area, which is so popular and where many tourists come and go.
As a base for disseminating local information from sake breweries, it is a place where various collaborations are born to improve the value of the area and boost cultural tourism.That is "KULABO".
*Area that includes Nishi Ward, Nishikan Ward, and part of former Nishikanbara District, Niigata City


  • Get off at Niigata Nishi IC, about 29 minutes by car
  • Get off at Kurosaki Smart IC, about 22 minutes by car
  • Get off at Makigata Higashi IC, about 32 minutes by car
  • About 10 minutes by taxi from Uchino Station on the Echigo Line
  • 30 minutes on foot from Echigo-Akatsuka Station

* Equipped with 22 parking lots (can park large buses)