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Column 2022.07.29

Recommendation of Niigata Sake Trip <Kashiwazaki City Edition>


A series where you can enjoy sake trips around the prefecture and use it as a reference for realistic sake trip plans.

This time7Month26On the day3Special feature on Kashiwazaki City, where the "Gion Kashiwazaki Festival Sea Fireworks Festival" was held for the first time in a year.

In Kashiwazaki City, there are Hara Shuzo Co., Ltd. of "Koshino homare", Abe Shuzo Co., Ltd. of "Koshino otokoyama" and "Abe", and Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd. of "Himenoi".

If you want to visit by train, walk from Kashiwazaki Station10in a weak spotHara Shuzo Co., Ltd..


Founded1814(culture11)Year.In a place that prospered as a post town on the Hokkoku Highway, it continues to brew sake.

The 2007 Chuetsu-oki earthquake caused extensive damage, but all employees worked together to restore it.The following year, a new brewery called “Wajogura” was completed, and the jointly developed sake rice was named “Koshikagura”.

"Koshi Kagura" is used in "Koshino homare Daiginjo Harashu Koshi Kagura" and so on.

Hara Shuzo Co., Ltd. currently uses rice grown in the prefecture.We also polish the rice in-house.

Individual tours of the brewery are not accepted, but all of the company's products are sold at the adjacent direct sales store, Sakesaikan, so you can enjoy shopping at your leisure.

One of the most notable summer limited items is "Koshino homare Junmai Summer Fireworks" with the motif of Kashiwazaki fireworks. There are 6 types of fireworks labels, making it a perfect souvenir for Obon.

Junmaishu "Awasshu", a sparkling secondary fermentation in a bottle that has an elegant sweetness and a refreshing taste that goes well with desserts, was held at the award ceremony the other day at the "Wine Glass Delicious Japanese Sake Award".2022” received the highest award.



101On the day of Japanese sake, we will be the first in the prefecture to sell sake using new rice.

Kashiwazaki City and Kariwa Village "Hazuki Minori" rice polishing ratio90It is unfiltered Nama Genshu "Koshinohomare Junmai Hazuki Minori New Rice New Sake" used in %.I want to enjoy the taste of rice.


In front of Kashiwazaki Station, there is "Restaurant Ohashi (TEL. 0257-22-5864)" where you can enjoy famous sake from all over the prefecture, including "Koshinohomare", and the seafood of Kashiwazaki.

One of the charms of this restaurant is that you can also enjoy set meals such as sea bream sashimi and simmered hobo with tail.For many years, this famous restaurant in front of the station has been loved by both locals and tourists.


When you come to Kashiwazaki, about a walk from Higashi-Kashiwazaki Station next to Kashiwazaki Station5In the place of minutesDonald Keene Center KashiwazakiI also want to check

This facility introduces the Japanese literary scholar Donald Keane, who left behind many achievements in Japanese literature and culture, and who had a deep connection with Kashiwazaki City. There is also a restored exhibition room.

Events are also held regularly, so check the official website before you go out.


From Higashi-Kashiwazaki Station, return to Kashiwazaki Station, then take the Shinetsu Main Line to Toyama.Enjoy a leisurely train trip while gazing at the summer sea from the train window.

Omigawa Station, which overlooks the Sea of ​​Japan, is a train with the concept of sake, "Koshino".Shu * KuraIt is also a stop for .Many people enjoy taking pictures with the setting sun in the background.

Get off at Omigawa Station and climb the steep slope of the former Hokkoku Highway on top of the hill,New teahouse for sakeThere is.

From the gallery on the 2nd floor, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Omigawa Station and Kujiranami Beach, and in the distance you can see the seagull that is nicknamed Two Lovers Point.

At Sake-no-Shinchaya, you can find locally-exclusive sake "Gin no Tsubasa Tokubetsu Honjozoshu" from Hara Shuzo Co., Ltd., as well as a selection of local sake from all over the prefecture, including Sado.

In the spring, the Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms in front of the store bloom beautifully, in the summer you can swim in the sea at Omigawa Beach, and in the autumn, salmon run up the Tannegawa River that flows under the Yoneyama Ohashi Bridge.Kashiwazaki Salmon Furusato ParkYou can also learn about the ecology of salmon.Let's visit with seasonal sightseeing.


Abe Shuzo Co., Ltd. and Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd. are recommended to drive around.

Start a business1804(Cultural origin) yearAbe Shuzo Co., Ltd.It is,8Entered the warehouse a year ago6Average age, centered on Yuta Abe, who is in charge of manufacturing29The old brewers continue to take on the challenge.


So far, "Abe", "★ (star)", and "By field" where sake is brewed by rice field.(Hojobetsu)He has worked on "series" and so on, but this year he will take a bigger step.

That is the entry into the non-alcoholic genre, making craft cola syrup.


Support purchase system until Maymakuakeproject, and started manufacturing with support that greatly exceeded the target.

Amazake craft cola "Yoneyama Touki", a spice that is cultivated only in Kashiwazaki's sacred mountain, Yoneyama, is in harmony with the natural sweetness of koji amazake.kuracola. "

How to drinkkuracolaMix XNUMX with chilled strong carbonic acid XNUMX and add citrus fruits to finish.

20228Month6On the same day, a new cola wing and sales office will also open, and the brewery is undergoing major changes to become a place where men and women of all ages can enjoy themselves.


From October9In May, we plan to release “Our Sake,” in which the brewers are in charge of making things freely. A series that uses the old-fashioned kimoto system for sake starter Shikomi because it is fun to make.I am looking forward to the taste of this season.


About by car from Abe Shuzo Co., Ltd.5In the place of the minuteKashiwazaki Yumenomori ParkThere is.

In 2006, the village forest was restored and opened with the aim of becoming a park for an environmental school.There are also various hands-on programs that everyone from children to adults can participate in.


Satoyama in the eco-housecafé I'm homeThen, we offer pasta and desserts using ingredients procured from local producers.

In the summer, shaved ice using Echigo-hime from Kashiwazaki is also available.

Ryokan soft serve ice cream is also sold all year round. I would like to stop by while taking a walk in the park.

A complex facility renovated from the former sash factory near the National Highway No. 6 Bypass, which is about a XNUMX-minute drive from the park.Hakoniwasister store inkitchen105You can also taste local sake from Abe Shuzo Co., Ltd.Check it out if you get the chance.


From Abe Shuzo Co., Ltd. toward Takayanagi about20If you run a separate car, you can also visit the sake brewery.Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd.Arrival in.

The tour may not be possible depending on the work of the day, so please contact us in advance.

Founded in 1912, Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd. sells a variety of products under the motto of "Rinrei Hojun" sake produced by Shikomi, a glutinous rice XNUMXth grader. .

The summer recommendation "Echigo Takayanagi Sawagani Hiire" has been finished in Junmaishu with a scent and umami that is close to the flavor of freshly squeezed by bottle burning this year.

Sticky rice XNUMX-dan Shikomi's unique gentle flavor and sharp aftertaste make it a great accompaniment to meals.1is book.The rice is the "Echigo Takayanagi" brand, which uses only rice produced in Takayanagi.

The name of sake comes from the fact that there are many saw crabs in the stream that flows behind it.I found a saw crab when I visited it before!

Rice grown in pure melted snow and sake made from that water convey the richness of Takayanagi's nature.


From Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd., drive further toward Matsushiro, Tokamachi City for about approx.5It's also a place for minutesTakayanagi Jonnobi VillageThere is.

In addition to hot springs and restaurants, shops selling handmade tofu, ganmodoki, and local doburoku are also popular.


After driving further, we visited Oginoshima Island and Kadode thatched village,Koshi no Raw Paper Studio Kadode WashiIt is also recommended to experience making Japanese paper.

Let's go on a sake trip in Kashiwazaki where you can experience the stories of the three sake breweries.


Photo cooperation: Abe Shuzo Co., Ltd. Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd. Hara Shuzo Co., Ltd. Kashiwazaki City Commerce and Tourism Division Satoyama café I'm Home


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