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Column 2022.05.02

Recommendation of Niigata Sake Trip <Murakami City / Shibata City Edition> 

A series where you can enjoy sake trips from all over Niigata prefecture and use it as a reference for a realistic sake trip plan.

This time, we will feature sake breweries in Murakami City and Shibata City in the north of the prefecture.

There are two sake breweries in Murakami City and four in Shibata City.

Enjoy a sake trip while enjoying the history of the castle town and the Sea of ​​Japan in early summer.


With sake, deliciousness and people in the castle town in the north of the prefecture

Located on the border of Yamagata Prefecture, the city of Murakami is a castle town blessed with nature close to the Miomote River, where salmon run up, and the Senami coast, where salmon run up, surrounded by the so-called "Oshiroyama" where Murakami Castle was built. ..


Here is "Tai you zakari"Taiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.And "Shimeharitsuru"Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.There is.

Taiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.14Sake brewery merged,1920(Showa20) Was born in the year.It is said that some of the sake breweries before the merger were founded in the Edo period.


Currently, it is not possible to tour the manufacturing factory (Horinzo), but you can enjoy the tour of the Japanese water brewery (Nagomigura), which has been maintained as a tourist brewery, without reservation.If you make a reservation, you can also visit the old Shikomi warehouse.

At the Wazumizu brewery, valuable sake brewing tools and furniture that remains in each house of the brewery before the merger are exhibited.He also participates in the "Machiya Doll Tour" held in the spring and the "Castle Town Murakami Machiya Folding Screen Festival" held in the fall.


Wamizuzo also sells various types of sake, liqueur, pickles, lees, and original goods."Kuradashi Harashu", which can only be bought here, is recommended as a souvenir.

WasuizoCheck the site for business hours.

Taiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.'s early summer recommendation is "Junmai Ginjo Taiyouzakari Sky Blue Label".

This sake, which looks cool, is made from rare locally produced sake rice, Takane Nishiki.55It is characterized by its fruity aroma and sweet and sour taste due to the yeast that produces malic acid by scraping to%.

Alcohol degree13It's low alcohol, so it's also recommended for beginners.


Another brewery, Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., is located along the Monzen River, a tributary of the Miomote River.

You cannot tour the brewing, but you can hear about Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.'s brewing while watching the Shikomi tanks lined up from the entrance of the brewery.


No advance reservation required, closed on Sundays.Open on Saturdays and public holidays.We also sell products, so I would like to visit the townhouses and stop by.

Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.'s summer sake is "Shimeharitsuru Ginjo Namachozoshu".By storing it raw at low temperature, it has a delicious taste and a refreshing aftertaste while maintaining a fresh taste and aroma.It is a summer-only sake that many fans are looking forward to every year.300 mlI am glad that there is a size.


If you visit Murakami, you should try salmon dishes!


The photo shows the salted salmon processing, which boasts a history of 200 years.Uoya Echigo MurakamiDirectly managed restaurantSeafood Ichibire"Uoya Shiohiki Gozen".


Kappou in the city and restaurants directly managed by salmon processing stores offer salted salmon and harako bowls throughout the year.From around the end of November, when salmon run up the Miomote River, a variety of salmon dishes will be available, and there are also dishes that you can enjoy on the course.

Many shops offer local sake, so if you don't drive by train or car, please enjoy the pairing of local sake and salmon dishes.


At the Murakami City Tourism Association2022Years9Until the end of the month, about the entire Murakami city30"The store participates"Murakami Donburi BattleIs being held.Let's check the participating stores.


On the days when XNUMX and XNUMX are attached every month, the historic morning market,Rokusai CityWill be held.

Products unique to the regular market such as seafood, mountain food, field food, handmade processed products and flowers are lined up.Interacting with locals through shopping is also the real pleasure of traveling.

In Murakami city2There are sake stores that sell local sake from two breweries.Choose your favorite while enjoying a drink with the owner.

The symbol of the observatory tower is along Echigo Murakami Machiya Dori, which is lined with Machiya-style buildings.Tamura sake store..Founded1914(Taisho3)Year.

From the classics of "Shimeharitsuru" and "Taiyouzakari" to seasonal sake, they are lined up.There are also local limited sake, so let's ask.

After enjoying the local sake spots in the castle town, I would like to visit the scenic spot, Sasagawa Nagare.The clear blue sea and the varied coastal scenery are about11Continue over km.Let's take a look at Awashima floating in the Sea of ​​Japan.

Shibata, a castle town where four local sakes are alive

In Shibata City, a castle town whose symbol is Shibata Castle, which is known as a famous place for cherry blossoms,Omon Sake Brewery(2022Years2Renamed from Ichishima Sake Brewery Inc. in May),Kanemasu Sake Co., Ltd.,Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd.,Fujinoi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Of4There are two sake breweries.All sake brewery names are representative brands.

Ichishima Sake Brewery and Kanemasu Sake Co., Ltd. are within walking distance from Shibata Station.


About walking from Shibata Station to Omon Sake Brewery5Minute.

It was built nearby as a mansion of the Mizoguchi family, the owner of Shibata Castle.ShimizuenAnd there is a foot light tenement house.The photo is Ashigara Nagaya.

The representative brand "Omon Junmai Mouth Emblem".

Omon Sake Brewery was founded during the Kansei era (1790In addition to the representative brand "Omon", "Hidematsu" and "Dream" named after the founder, and "Karen" series with sweetness and low alcohol content for young people are also being developed.

"Omon Daiginjo Extremely Spicy 19".Daiginjo's original sake, where you can enjoy the new possibilities of sake such as rock and soda.

20224Month29On the dayExperience-based sake brewery resort GokaibishiIs open.Along with the local sake of Omon Sake Brewery, it sells local sake from outside the city and special products from the Kaetsu region.

Check the site for information such as sake brewery tours.


Walk to Kanemasu Sake Co., Ltd. from Shibata Station10Few minutes.

1822 (Bunsei5) Founded in the year.Sake is brewed using locally produced sake rice cultivated in-house and the clean water of the Iide mountain range.

Along with sake, we will also focus on making rice shochu using sake rice.Rice shochu "Kanemasu" and "Kanemasu oak barrel storage" aged in oak barrels for a long time2There are types.

"Aka" is a sake made by Shinomi, a pillar shochu made from rice shochu that is also produced in-house as the raw material for brewed alcohol.All in-house products are for sale.

Although it is no longer open to the public, there are cafes that make use of beautiful gardens and historic buildings.I can't wait for the day to be released again.


In the city of Shibata, there are sushi restaurants, izakaya, and restaurants where you can enjoy local sake and local food.

Once "from NiigataRIntroduced in the special feature on sushiSushi TokiwaIs one of the famous stores loved by the locals.

"R from Niigata" Fall / Winter 2017, No. 5 "At a sushi restaurant in Niigata, someday I will go".I want to enjoy local sake along with the Omakase grip and the course.


Speaking of Shibata, asparagus!It is a special product that is thick, sweet, and soft, and boasts the largest shipment volume in the prefecture.

From May 2022st to 5st, 1, you can enjoy asparagus-based food and sweets at about 31 stores in the city.Food Asparagus Yokocho Taste Tour with Shibata BeefWill be held.I want to experience the fresh taste of Shibata beef grown by eating rice straw from Shibata rice in the production area.



Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd., known nationwide for "Funaguchi Kikusui Ichiban Shibori," is about a drive from Shibata Station.10Minutes.National highway7It is near the Kaji River along the issue.The Kaji River has long been popular as a famous place for cherry blossoms.

Founded1881(Meiji14)Year.Work on sake brewing that makes the best use of the climate of Hokuetsugo, which opens in the north and south of Shibata City.

It is equipped with an exhibition of valuable sake brewing tools, vessels for enjoying sake, a book corner, and a sake brewery (Setsugoro brewery).Kikusui Sake Culture Research InstituteIt is,2018It has been open to the public since the year (reservation required with a garden tour).

At the shop on the premises, you will be thrilled just by looking at the local sake of your company, as well as the special products of Hokuetsugo and sake sets that the brewery chooses.


In the fall of 2022, "Funaguchi Kikusui Ichiban Shibori" was born.50Celebrate the year.Current,50As an anniversary projectPoint campaignIs being carried out (2022Years8Month31Until the day).

Cumulative3Previously, "From Niigata"R』Also featured.

"R from Niigata" Spring 2019, No. 9 "Niigata SAKE Revolution".I want you to enjoy the story of the birth of a long-selling product and its hit with sake.


Lastly, I would like to introduce Fujitsunoi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., which has a Fujitsukahama beach just behind the sake brewery.


It is said that the brand "Fujinoi" was born because the sake brewed in the "Fuji no Ido", which has been handed down from ancient times in this area, is fermented vigorously and becomes delicious.

"Fujinoi Junmai Ginjo Jun" represents the brewery1Book.It features a mellow texture and a delicious taste that spreads in the mouth.

Near the sake breweryNiigata Prefectural Shiunji Memorial ParkIn recent years, barbecue areas have become very popular.Many people enjoy bird watching at Twitter Village.


In addition, next to Fujitsukahama Beach, there is the only fishing port in Shibata City, Matsuzuka Fishing Port.

Of the processing direct sales officeFresh fish marketThe fishermen also sell processed fish and shellfish that they process themselves. From April10It's open on Saturdays and Sundays, so I'd like to stop by.


Six local sakes that bring the smiles of the locals, loved by the two castle towns.

Let's go on a sake trip to enjoy the story of six sake breweries that are close to the history and climate.

Photo cooperation / Tomoko Takahashi, Hisao Watanabe, Niigata Prefecture Tourism Association, Niigata Prefectural Shiunji Memorial Park, Taiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., Omon Sake Brewery, Kanemasu Sake Co., Ltd., Kikusui Sake Co., Ltd.


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