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Column 2022.03.31

Recommended by a sake store One that you want to accompany the cherry blossom viewing

In this season, the plum blossoms in Hakusan Park in Chuo-ku, Niigata City are in full bloom, and the buds of cherry blossoms are about to swell.

The long-awaited spring and cherry-blossom viewing season for Niigata is just around the corner.

This year, I want to take all possible measures against infectious diseases and enjoy cherry blossom viewing in various parts of the prefecture.

Recommended by a sake store in Kaetsu, Kaminaka, I want you to drink while watching the cherry blossoms1Introducing books along with matching dishes and cherry blossom viewing spots.

Sekikawa Village on the border of Yamagata Prefecture & Hanami Sake in Shibata, a castle town

Sekikawa Village's "Yamasa, a store specializing in local sake and famous sake in NiigataMachiko Sato, a young proprietress, sake master, and master of Niigata Sake Gold, said, "Oshiroibana Flower Yeast Tailored Junmai Ginjo Taiyouzakari" (Taiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd./ Murakami City) is recommended.

"It uses yeast extracted from Marvel-of-peru, and it doesn't have a direct floral scent, but it has an elegant scent that imagines spring. Mouth. It is a sake that goes well with light dishes such as Japanese food and sashimi. "(Mr. Sato).

He also introduced a surprising combination. "The slightly fruity taste can be combined with spring sweets. The gorgeous bottle design is perfect for cherry-blossom viewing and spring meetings."

The nearby cherry blossom viewing spot is a row of cherry blossom trees that stretches for tens of meters along the Arakawa River that runs behind the store.

"The row of cherry blossom trees along the Arakawa River, which has been selected as the clearest stream in Japan several times, is a little-known spot. However, the long rows of cherry blossom trees from the Hanatate Dam in Murakami City to the back of our shop and Omibashi are spectacular, "says Sato.

I want to enjoy a spectacular view of a little-known spot with gorgeous sake.


"" in the castle town of ShibataHokuetsugo MeishukanThe store manager, Kenji Koike, proposes a cup of sake that matches the cherry blossom viewing spot.

"Along the Kaji River, which has long been known as a famous place for cherry blossoms,Fujinoi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.How about "Fuji-Cup" because it's on the knees of (Shibata City)? "

Some cups of sake that go well with cherry blossom viewing have lovely flower labels.

"Plum label" Koshi no Kanchubai Junmai Cup "(Niigata Meijo Co., Ltd./ Ojiya City) and a cup of primroses from "Kakurei" (Aoki Shuzo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd./ Minami Uonuma City) is also available, "says Koike.

The recommendation of the four gobos is "Ginjo Harashu Gentori to Tsubamekitaru" (Kanemasu Sake Co., Ltd./ Shibata City).

"Please try it with oden and fukinoto tempura" (Mr. Koike)

For cherry blossom viewing in Niigata City & Yahiko Village-

Toshiaki Kobayashi, the representative of "Sake no Wanzu" in Akiha Ward, Niigata City, recommends "" Esshu Sakurabi "" (Asahi Shuzo Sake Brewing Co., Ltd./ Nagaoka City) That's right.It features a pleasant light sweetness and an elegant flavor.I want to drink the petal-labeled sake under the cherry blossoms in full bloom. "

"Alcohol content is13It's a little low, and it goes well with Japanese food in general, but it also goes well with salted yakitori. "

Please be careful not to become a "dango rather than a flower".

The nearby cherry blossom spot is "Nodaigawa Branch Memorial Park".Let's check it out.


"" in Nishikan Ward, Niigata CityKishimoto Shoten specializing in local sakeThe sake selected by Takeshi Kishimoto, the representative, is "Junmai Ginjo Kamosu Toji" (Naeba Shuzo Co., Ltd./ Tsunan Town).

"Pizza that is easy to prepare at the cherry blossom viewing table (with plenty of cheese)), A fresh and juicy sweet sake.Seeing the cherry blossoms makes me feel gorgeous, so I chose this sake because it makes me feel gorgeous even when I drank it. "

Speaking of cherry blossom viewing spots in Nishikan Ward, the competition between cherry blossoms and rape blossoms in Uwasekigata Park, which is surrounded by Mt. Kakuda, is famous, but it seems that there is also a nice spot on Mr. Kishimoto's knees.

"Walk from our shop10We recommend Yagawa Fureai Park, which is about a minute away! (Mr. Kishimoto)

From walking to playing, it's a luxury to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the park, regardless of age, while tasting sake and food.


"In front of the gate of Yahiko Village, which is visited by many people in spring, for the purpose of cherry blossoms at Yahiko Shrine and Yahiko Park.Liquor store YayoiMr. Masakatsu Hanyu, the representative, recommends "Yahiko Patriotic Junmai Ginjo" (Yahiko Shuzo Co., Ltd./ Yahiko Village).

"Yeast isolated from Yahiko cherry tree that grows naturally on Mt. Yahiko" Tokyo Agriculture University Yahiko Sakura5Brewed in No.The flavor of the ancient varieties of sake rice "Patriotic" cultivated in Yahiko Village, which is not found in today's rice, is also attractive. "

The dishes that go well with it are "Sansai tempura, cherry salmon meuniere, roasted nodoguro, and squid menchi."Yahiko's specialty squid menchi is perfect for cherry-blossom viewing food! "Yorozuya Kariya"TEL.0256-94-2104

In addition to Yahiko Park, the famous cherry blossom viewing spots recommended by Mr. Hanyu are "Yahiko Bicycle Racetrack Side Daiichi Parking Lot, Yahiko Shrine Gaien Sakuraen".

The flowering of Yahikozakura in the photo4At the end of the month, "If you look down on the Echigo Plain from the side of the Yahiko Ropeway Restaurant, you will find it right in front of you" (Mr. Hanyu).Don't miss this too.

Local limited sake that calls for spring in the snowy country of Ojiya and Minami Uonuma

Chikako Takano, the proprietress of "Takadome Shoten" near Ojiya Station, recommends "Taisei" (Niigata Meijo Co., Ltd./ Ojiya City).

"The price is cheap in Junmai Daiginjo. Yet, the quality is not ashamed of the name of Junmai Daiginjo.1That's the point, "says Takano, explaining why.

"It goes well with deep-tasting dishes such as simmered dishes and Western dishes in general."

The cherry blossom viewing spot in Ojiya city is "Funaoka Park is the best. Besides, the side road of Yamamotoyama Reservoir is also beautiful because it is a tree-lined road. There is also a tree-lined road along the Shinano River in Hiyoshi Town." Mr. Takano.Takaru Shoten (1-3-23 Toei, Ojiya-shi TEL.0258-82-2635)

Cherry blossoms in Funaoka Park. From mid-April, the bonbori lights up and you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at night.

The rape field in Yamamotoyama Park is also a popular spot.

53From Sunday (Tuesday / holiday), the traditional "Cow horn thrust, So I would like to see traditional events as well as cherry blossom viewing in Ojiya.

"" in the Shiozawa district of Minami Uonuma City, also known as the post town of the Mikuni HighwaySnow Country Sake Shop KanazawayaMr. Kosuke Takano, the representative, recommends "Koshitanrei from Shiozawa, unfiltered Kakurei."55 Tokubetsu junmaiNama Genshu "(Aoki Shuzo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd./ Minami Uonuma City).

"This product using sake rice Koshitanrei from Shiozawa is a limited edition product for Uonuma," says Takano.The taste changes from year to year.

"Last year, I had a habit of acidity, but this year ... The first impression is a smooth mouthfeel, and then I strongly feel the acid. Even after drinking, the acid remains on my tongue. The acidity and richness bring out the attractive umami taste. Sweet and spicy tastes a little sweeter than last year. "(Mr. Takano)

It can be enjoyed alone and goes well with any dish.

The cherry blossom viewing spots in Minami Uonuma City are "Zenibuchi Park next to the Uono River in Muikamachi, and Kamakura Sakuragaoka Park in Katata, Shiozawa."

Local sake sold only locally is also attractive as a souvenir for your trip.


Bringing Kashiwazaki, the sea town, and local sake from the castle town, Joetsu

"" In Kashiwazaki City, a sea town that represents the prefectureBishukobonishimaki Hotel"Himenoi" is recommended by Mr. Susumu Nishimaki, the representative.Sour(Soar) "(Ishizuka Shuzo Co., Ltd./ Kashiwazaki City).

"Using white jiuqu and glutinous rice as part of Shikomi, it tastes like lemonade. It's perfect for the exciting spring season." (Mr. Nishimaki)

The dish that goes well is "fried chicken like sprinkling lemon! The best dish so far was onion ring fry."Both are dishes that you can bring to see the cherry blossoms, so I would like to try them.

Provided by: Kashiwazaki City

Speaking of cherry blossom viewing spots in Kashiwazaki City, Mr. Nishimaki says, "It's Akasakayama Park!"I'm looking forward to lighting up.


The last is Joetsu City, which is famous for the cherry blossoms at night in Takada Park.

"Yagi sake storeThe representative, Mr. Koji Yagi, recommends "Ganho Tokubetsu junmai unfiltered Genshu" (Niigata Daiichi Shuzo Co., Ltd./ Joetsu City).

Shikomi is a traditional Kimoto-made product, and Junmaishu has been stored in the snow for about half a year.

"The sourness unique to raw sardines is mellowed by storage in the snow.3It has been a sake with a core fan since it was released a year ago. "(Mr. Yagi)

The dish that goes well with it is the simmered seafood ray that is familiar in Joetsu.It is a dish that is sweet and salty boiled with sugar, soy sauce, and sake.

The cherry blossoms at night in Takada Park are famous for cherry blossom viewing in Joetsu, but Mr. Yagi's recommendation is the Sakura Road along the Aoda River that runs nearby. "4It will be in full bloom from the beginning of the month, "says Yagi.Enjoy a cherry blossom viewing walk on Sakura Road during the day.


The best way to enjoy cherry-blossom viewing in various parts of the prefecture is to take the train, but there are many places where private cars are more convenient.Let's enjoy the spring evening drink with the special local sake procured at the sake store after returning home.

Photo cooperation /Haruko Sato (Hisao Watanabe Photo Office),Studio Activist, listed sake stores, Asahi Shuzo Sake Brewing Co., Ltd., Kanemasu Sake Co., Ltd., Yahiko Shuzo Co., Ltd.,Niigata Prefecture Tourism Association,Ojiya Tourism Association,Yahiko Tourism Association


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