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Column 2022.02.28

Recommendation of Niigata Sake Trip <Ojiya City, Uonuma City, Minami Uonuma City, Yuzawa Town, Tokamachi City, Tsunan Town Edition> ② Drive Edition

A series of magazines where you can enjoy sake trips from all over the prefecture.

This time, XNUMX cities in the Chuetsu area2Introducing the second part of the 12 sake breweries in the town, the XNUMX breweries you want to visit by car.

In this area, you can enjoy various spring activities such as erythronium and edible wild plants along with the melting snow.

Let's drive while looking for the footsteps of spring in the snowy landscape.

To Uonuma area, Satoyama sake brewery

Kanetsu Expressway KoideICFrom about5Minutes.The founding of Midorikawa Sake Company along the Uono River1884(Meiji17), The representative brand is "Midorikawa".

Sake brewery tours are not accepted, but sales areOKIt is.

The scenery of the sake brewery is beautiful in the silver world along the Uono River.

The sight of steam steaming rice rising from the chimney in the morning is especially recommended.

Along with the standard sake, in the year1Times3I also want to check out limited sake such as "Kasumi Shibori" that will be released in March.

"" In front of Koide stationUonuma's local sake FujiyaIs a Midorikawa Sake Company distributor.Local sake in the Uonuma area is also substantial.


Hakkaisan Brewery Co., Ltd., located in the neighboring Minami Uonuma City, was founded.1922(Taisho11), The representative brand is "Hakkaisan".

Kanetsu Expressway Yamato SmartICFrom about15Minute "Uonuma VillageThe snow room, restaurants, and retail stores are gathered around the second Kowazo.

You can also participate in the snow room tour at the reception on the day (there is a limit on the number of people).

At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a free tasting, so if you are not a driver, check out the various flavors.

Drivers can choose evening drinks and snacks at the shop inside the building.

There is Sarukurayama Brewery of "Rydeen Beer" on the hill, and you can enjoy eating and drinking while looking at the brewing tank through the glass.


In the same Minami Uonuma city,1868Founded in (Meiji XNUMX)Takachiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.There is also.The representative brand is "Takachiyo".

Rare sake rice "Ipponjime" is cultivated from seeds.

Makihata, another brand of Kura, is derived from Mt. Makihata, one of the XNUMX famous mountains in Japan, which is also the source of Shikomi water in Kura.At the foot of the Shimizu village, there is "Yama no Yado Unten" where you can enjoy local delicacies such as wild plants in spring and mushrooms in autumn.Why don't you stay and enjoy this spring?

The photograph is an image.

Takachiyo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. does not visit or sell, but you can enjoy the scenery of the sake brewery from the train window and drive from the brewery.5"In the place of the minuteUeda no SatoIt is also recommended to try making soba noodles and making soba noodles.

To Echigo-Tsumari Sake Brewery, the village of art

Echigo-Tsumari(Echigo)Tokamachi City and Tsunan Town, which are known as the "Echigo-Tsumari" and are the setting for the Earth Art Festival, respectively.2There are two sake breweries.

Tokamachi CityUonuma Shuzo Co., Ltd. The1876 (Meiji6)Founded in the year, the representative brand is "Tenjin bayashi".You can tour the sake brewery, so please inquire in advance before going out.

Matsunoi Shuzojo Co., Ltd., another sake brewery in Tokamachi1894 (Meiji27)Founded in the year, the representative brand is "Matsunoi".You cannot tour the sake brewery, but you can sell it.OK.

Both "Matsunoi" and "Tenjinbayashi" have art bottles that were born in the wake of the Earth Art Festival and are gaining popularity.

Road Station Cross TenShop and "Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art"MonET(Monet) ”,“ Matsudai Agricultural Stage Field Museum ”, etc.

"Tenjin bayashi" art bottle

"Matsunoi" art bottle



Tokamachi is a mecca for "hegi soba noodles".There are many famous shops in the city, so let's enjoy it at your favorite shop.

The photograph is an image.

Tokamachi is also famous for the beauty of the terraced rice fields.

The rice terraces of Hoshitoge, which has about 200 rice fields of various sizes, are also popular as a shooting spot.


Tsunan Town, which is adjacent to Tokamachi and is located on the border of Nagano Prefecture, is a heavy snowfall area with a snowfall of 2 m or more this year.Two sake breweries brew local sake, using the clear thaw water as Shikomi water.

Naeba Shuzo Co., Ltd. was founded1907(Meiji40), The representative brand is "Naebasan".Currently, we are not visiting the sake brewery, but you can purchase it at a directly managed shop or sample it (for a fee).

At Naeba Shuzo Co., Ltd., the "Matsunoyama Onsen" that won the 2019 Ryokan KoshienSake inn Tamakiya"Kamosu Toji" created under the supervision of the owner is attracting much attention.

"Sake no Yado Tamakiya" also has a sake pairing plan.


Tsunan Brewery Co., Ltd., another brewery in Tsunan Town, was founded.1996(Heisei8), The representative brand is "Kirinotoh".

It is possible to tour the sake brewery (reservation required by the day before), but it may be suspended, so it is safe to make an inquiry before going out.


The new "Tsunan" series has been released, expressing the significance of brewing sake in the unexplored region of Tsunan.


In Echigo-Tsumari1Month29from the day3Month13On the day"Earth Art Festival Village Echigo-Tsumari2022Winter:SNOWARTIs held, and you can experience various programs.

The special exhibition "Tower to Hold Hands" being held at Matsudai "Agricultural Stage".

Snow play expo.Various programs are held on weekends, such as sledding and appreciation of snow art works.

The work of "Hokuetsu Yukiko Adventure" being held at "Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art MonET"."Flower field in the sky" by light artist Kota Takahashi.Photo (all XNUMX points) Nakamura Osamu

I also have a passport, so let's research before going out.

I can hear the footsteps of spring faintly, but I still can't let my guard down in winter in Niigata.

Enjoy a drive to find spring in the mountains with safe driving.The snowy scenery of the sake brewery, which you can only meet in this season, is also nice.The snowy landscape looks great on a sake brewery.

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