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Column 2021.10.28

Get to know Sakeology and have fun!

Do you know "Sakeology"?

This is the world's first academic discipline originating from Niigata.

What is "Sakeology"?

Our company on "Sake Day" on October 10st(Neil)Released from "CushuNotebook2021-22

R"XNUMXBY> Niigata Sake Brewery & Town Tour" featured a special feature on Sakeology.

At that time, Niigata University Sakeology Center10I took a questionnaire to other teachers.One of the questions


What is "Sakeology"?Please answer in an easy-to-understand manner in your own words.


The answers of the 10 teachers are ...

・ Academia that can be developed in all academic fields for sake.

・ Target-limited, cross-disciplinary comprehensive science.

・ The world's first academic field covering all academic fields for sake.

・ I think it is a discipline that allows you to grasp sake from various perspectives and create new value.

・ A discipline that explores what sake is.

・ Sake is a discipline that covers all areas from the production of rice, which is the raw material, to brewing and consumption.

・ A place where you can discover the goodness of sake that has not been known by yourself, with the help of researchers, practitioners, and many other stakeholders.

・ Various studies from Niigata University.

・ Comprehensive and cross-disciplinary academic fields related to sake.

・ Learn about sake through various academic disciplines such as culture, economy, medicine, and biology, and think of it as a study that considers the future of sake.


From the words of the teachers, I hope you can feel Sakeology closer to you ...


In 2017, Niigata Prefecture, Niigata Sake Brewers Association, and Niigata University signed a partnership agreement to build "Sakeology".2021Years4In March, the "Niigata University Sakeology Center" opened on the Niigata University Ikarashi Campus.

In the hall, there is an introduction of Sakeology by a panel and an exhibition corner of representative sake of all sake breweries in the prefecture.

You can freely visit the exhibition space during the opening hours below.

Opening hours: 9:00 to 16:00 Closed days: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


20184Sakeology lectures for students at Niigata University began in January2022Graduate courses will also be offered from the academic year.


The Sakeology Symposium, the Niigata University Open Lecture, and the special lecture at Niigata Citizen's University are also offered to the general public.

On May 11"1st Japanese Sake Symposium"There will be held.


123Sun ~24Sunday (Friday, all4Reiwa scheduled to be held at the time)3Applications for the Niigata University extension course "Sakeology Kotobuki" in the second half of the year have also begun.

It will be delivered from Youtube.Tuition fee4,400Yen (free for college students and younger), recruitment50About people.

The deadline is11Month19It's Sunday (Friday).

Reserve a seat :


Sakeology Center10Human teachers are divided into three fields: brewing unit, social / cultural unit, and health unit.

This summer, Professor Hideo Watanabe and Professor Yuki Hata of the Social and Cultural Unit used the "Honma Bunko Niigata Food Library".

Both of them were enthusiastic about reading various books on alcohol, food and history.


Dr. Watanabe's research field is "community and law." At Sakeology, I am in charge of a lecture on "Sake etiquette".

In private, he is also active as a master of Niigata sake gold.


Professor Hata's research field is "Japanese Cultural History." Sakeology explains how sake was depicted in stories and paintings during the Muromachi and Edo periods, when the prototype of today's sake was born.

"Cultural History of Drunk" and "The World of" Sake Rice Theory Emaki "" containing papers written by Professor Hata

From "Sake Rice Theory Picture Scroll"

In addition, Professor Hata is currently writing for the online museum "Kokushu Digital Museum".Ukiyo-e and sakeThe commentary about is posted.

[Explanation] Is it the same as it is now?Many drinking habits


[Explanation] Selling sake


"Kokushu Digital Museum" is held by the Japan Sake Brewing Association Central Association this year10Month1This is an online museum that introduces national sake (sake, authentic shochu, awamori, mirin), which opened on the same day, from the historical and cultural aspects.Please enjoy it.


Last but not least, this year6Month19From day8Month22Introducing the "Niigata University Asahimachi Academic Materials Exhibition Hall" where the "Sakeology Exhibition" was held until the day.

The building of "Niigata University Asahimachi Academic Materials Exhibition Hall"1929Built in XNUMX as the Niigata Normal School Memorial Hall, it is certified as a national registered tangible cultural property.Renovation work has been carried out since last year, and the "Sakeology Exhibition" was held to commemorate the reopening.

Part of the "Sakeology Exhibition" exhibition

The research results of the Niigata University Sakeology Center teachers were presented in cooperation with the Niigata Sake Brewers Association and the Niigata Prefectual Sake Research Institute.


There is also a permanent exhibition in the exhibition hall, which displays and publishes interesting materials that convey the history of academic research at Niigata University.

Taxidermy of crested ibis is also exhibited on the 1st floor

Exhibition in the Human History Exhibition Room on the 2nd floor

The retro atmosphere of the building is also nice, so please come visit us.



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 Mariko Takahashi