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Column 2021.08.11

How to enjoy Niigata sake style summer sake

The heat wave in early August may have caused many people to feel tired.

We asked Ms. Makiko Teshima, a food culture researcher and sake stylist, and Ayami Saishoku, the representative of Ayami Saishoku, who disseminates Japanese culture such as sake to the world, about how to enjoy summer sake to get rid of such fatigue.


In 2018, Mr. Teshima, who also served as a lecturer at the "Niigata Local Sake Drinking Comparison Workshop" at Echigo Yuzawa Station, has a deep knowledge of Niigata Sake.

We also asked how to enjoy Niigata sake by taking advantage of its characteristics.


Raw sake rock and sake x beer cocktail

A major feature of Niigata Sake is that it cuts cleanly at the end and leaves a beautiful finish, regardless of whether the bite is sweet or spicy.

"The sharp Niigata sake goes great with rock. It's very refreshing to put ice in undiluted Genshu and float herbs such as mint on it. I want to enjoy the aroma of herbs. Therefore, it is recommended that the sake itself does not have a scent. Even if it is not a high-class sake, Junmaishu or mountain abandonment (Yamahai))If the sake has a strong taste such asOKis"

There is also a sake corner that is suitable for rock and soda splits (Ponshukan Niigata 驛 store).

Mr. Teshima has long recommended sake cocktails at the Japan Sake Brewing Association Central Association as a way to enjoy sake in hot weather, and has been responsible for its transmission.

"Many cocktails have a well-defined recipe, but the combination that is easy to make and tastes beyond imagination is beer and Nigorizake.1Just divide by one. It's an image of dividing Nigorizake with sparkling water. "

Beer and Nigorizake …….I am wondering what kind of taste it will be.

"The bitterness of beer and the umami and sweetness of Nigorizake blend together to create an exquisite taste. It's very delicious. Of course, both should be chilled well, Nigorizake first, and then beer pouring vigorously. Even if it's beer, it's richer and tastier. "

The point is to pour vigorously!


Adult free study = playing sake

The real thrill of summer sake is that you can try ways to drink it that you wouldn't normally try.

Let's try various things with the intention of working on free research during the summer vacation.


One of the attractions of Niigata sake is the high quality of cup sake.

There are many types of sake, and it's exciting just to look at it.How to enjoy summer is-.

"Remove the lid of the cup sake, wrap it gently, make a small hole to allow air to enter, and leave it in the freezer for XNUMX to XNUMX hours. Stir once and freeze again in the freezer for XNUMX to XNUMX hours. Then, an adult sake sorbet with a slightly bitter taste is completed. "

After wrapping it, make a hole with a bamboo skewer.


Ponshu sorbet!It seems to be cool just by imagining it.

"Caution is the alcohol content15It is less than the degree.If the alcohol content is too high, it will not harden.Normal household freezer temperature minus18In the case of degree.

You can enjoy the hidden bitterness of sake as it is, but you can also sprinkle it with shaved ice syrup.It seems delicious even if you put a jelly using local fruits on it. "

Umeshu cup sorbet is also recommended.Eat it as it is without putting anything on it.


Another summer sake made with fruits.

"Frozen cut pineapples and rounded melons, put them in a glass, and pour sake into them. As the fruit melts, the sake gradually adds flavor. The change in taste changes. Interesting. You can enjoy it like a fruit punch. "

© Ayami Saishoku


I also tried watermelon, a fruit that represents the summer in Niigata.Moderate sweetness is round!


Finally, this is sake that calls Ryo! I learned about "sleet sake".

"Sleet sake is the pre-stage of sherbet. It's best to drink a quick drink when it's hot. We recommend Nihonshu-do, which is a sweet one with a minus."

I'm curious about how to make it.

"Put sake in a sake set such as one side of a glass, and prepare an empty glass for the other, both about90Freeze for a minute.The sake does not freeze, but if you pour the sake into an empty glass that has been chilled, it will freeze and sleet while hitting the glass surface.With a shot glass or a short tumbler, a quick drink in the first drink will make you forget about the heat. "


If you want to drink in large numbers or if you want to drink many cups, you can put sake in a plastic bottle and cool a lot of glasses.

"When you put it in a plastic bottle, please do not fill it up, considering that it will expand."


It changes into a perfect sleet when multiple conditions such as temperature and type of sake are met.At home, it may not be the ideal sleet shape, so try using a reasonable sake such as cup sake under different conditions.

Let's play, enjoy and survive the heat this summer with sake.


© Ayami Saishoku


Makiko Teshima

Graduated from Keio University, Ayami Saishoku, President and CEO, Food Culture Researcher.In addition to sake stylists certified by the Japan Sake Brewing Association Central Association, honorary sake masters, wine advisors certified by the Japan Sommelier Association, intensive support specialists certified by the Reconstruction Agency, directors of the Brewing Society of Japan, supporters of the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan, etc. Serve. Under the theme of "rich living with sake", sake pairing between sake from all over the country and Western cuisine such as Italian, a new way to enjoy "sake as a life style", the future of traditional Japanese food culture We widely disseminate style proposals at home and abroad.

〇Ayami Saishoku

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Photo cooperation: Ayami Saishoku Photo cooperation: Ponshukan Niigata 驛 store                       

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