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Column 2021.05.26

Recommendations for Niigata Sake Trip <Sanjo City, Kamo City, Yahiko Village, Niigata City>

The second in a series that introduces a real sake trip to visit the place where sake is brewed and a virtual sake trip to enjoy by ordering.This time, we went on a sake trip to Sanjo City and Kamo City, which are almost in the center of the prefecture, Yahiko Village, where Echigo Ichinomiya and Yahiko Shrine are located, and Niigata City, the capital of the prefecture.For a real sake trip, make full use of the train if you drink, and let's go while the "buying group" enjoys driving! * Sake breweries with ★ have an online shop.


Local sake from <Manufacturing Town> and <Little Kyoto in Hokuetsu>

The only sake brewery in Sanjo City known as the city of manufacturing is the Meiji era30year(1897) FoundedFukugao Sake Brewery Co., Ltd... ★

The representative brands are "Fukugao" and "Igarashi River" flowing in front of the warehouse.The sake of interest is sake stored in barrels of Western sake.Three types of whiskey, brandy and bourbon.You can enjoy each unique flavor.While listening to the sake brewing song sung by the brewer posted on the official website, I want to taste it.


TsubamesanjoICnearTsubame Sanjo Local Industry Promotion Center BussankanHas a wide variety of local sake.There are also experiences such as spoon polishing and kitchen knife sharpening, and demonstrations of knives, so check the event calendar on the site before you go out.


The Kamo River runs through the center of the city, and there are three sake breweries in Kamo City, which is known as <Little Kyoto of Hokuetsu>.

About continuing from Kamo station1Eight shopping streets are lined up on Kilo Street, nicknamed "Nagaiki Street".The founding culture is located in the Nakamachi shopping district along this street.3year(1806)ofYukitsubaki Syuzo Co., Ltd..

Yukitsubaki Syuzo Co., Ltd. brews pure rice Ginjoshu "Kosino Yukitsubaki Yukitsubaki Yeast Shikomi" using yeast isolated from Yukitsubaki in Kamoyama Park.I want to enjoy the taste produced by the original yeast.


The Meiji era is located in the Wakamiyacho shopping district, which is the innermost of the eight shopping districts.25year(1892) FoundedMasukagami Co., Ltd...The representative brand is "Masukagami". F is ordinary sake,JIs Junmaishu, and the "Alphabet Line" series, whose number means rice milling rate, is gaining popularity regardless of age due to its high cost performance.

Opposite the brewery is the Tanabe Confectionery, which is famous for karinto, and on the opposite side of the Kamo River, there are wooden buildings and waterways that retain the atmosphere of the Showa era.Let's explore while feeling the retro atmosphere.


Another sake brewery in Kamo City is in the Meiji era26year(1892) FoundedKamonishiki Sake Brewery..The factory is currently located in Akiha Ward, Niigata City.The next brewery, Yuichi Tanaka5The new brand "Nifudazake", which was created a year ago, is attracting attention nationwide.20The young Toji of the generation brews1I want to try a book.


Liver fly is the local gourmet food in Kamo City.Located in Nakamachi Shopping StreetVegetable studio YamadaTake out at and enjoy with local sake.


Keep an eye on the Initiatives of Nishikan 5zo

The five sake breweries in Yahiko Village and Nishikan Ward, Niigata City have been jointly conducting initiatives such as the Forest Conservation Project and the Nishikan Sake Team for several years.last year11Month15On the day of the event, the Nishikan Sake Team was held at Yahall in Yahiko Village to take all possible measures against infectious diseases.Since it is held together with the outdoor Marche, many people, including not only sake fans but also families, enjoyed it.


The only sake brewery in Yahiko Village is Tenpo9year(1838) FoundedYahiko Shuzo Co., Ltd..."Yahiko Patriotism" is what you want to taste with the representative brand "Koshinohakusetsu".Using the revived sake rice and patriotism, on the summit of Yahiko1Yeast is isolated from the native Yahiko cherry tree, all from Yahiko1is book.You can buy "Yahiko Jerato" handmade in the warehouse at inns and souvenir shops in the village.


Nishikan5The four warehouses in Nishikan Ward, Niigata City, which belong to the warehouse, are located along the former Hokkoku Kaido.

Meiji in the Iwamuro Onsen area18year(1885) Founded inTakarayama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.The representative brand of is "Takarayama".It is also the first brewery to try sake using Koshihikari. (Sake brewery tour possible, reservation required)


Located in the Fukui village, the birthplace of the calligrapher Maki Ryoko,1636A record of dedication to the Mitsuneyama feudal lord remains in the year,Mineno Hakubai Shuzo Co., Ltd...Along with the representative brand "Minenohakubai", "Ryoko" is also popular.


Meiji at the foot of Mt. Kakuda23year(1890) Founded inEchigo TsurukameThe representative brand of is "Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd."."Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd. Wine yeast-prepared Junmai Ginjo" using wine yeast is gaining popularity mainly among women.


Meiji32year(1899) FoundedSasaiwai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.The representative brand of ★ is "Sasasai"."Chikurin Soufuu", which uses sake rice and Kamenoo, also has many fans.Challenge brewing "Sasasai" challenge brew”, Every year we produce new sake with a theme. (Sake brewery tour possible, reservation required)



October 31Operates until the day (confirm the operation date and time during the period)"Nishikan Sightseeing Tour Bus"It is also recommended to go around with the winery using.


A variety of flavors born in Niigata City

There are three sake breweries in Nishi-ku, which is adjacent to Nishikan-ku.There is also a sake brewery along the old Hokkoku Highway, so while enjoying a highway drive from Nishi-ku to Nishikan-ku, even if you can't tour, you can enjoy the taste of the land where local sake is brewed.

Meiji32year(1899) FoundedTakano Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.The representative brands of ★ are "Shiratsuyu" and "Koshiji fubuki".We also manufacture shochu made from sake lees.There is the Ramsar Convention Wetland "Sakata" nearby, where you can enjoy seasonal plants and waterfowl.

Evening view of Sagata

Tempo3year(1832), The brewery of "Tsuruno Tomo", Hiki Shuzo Co., Ltd., which was founded in the old Maki-cho and then moved to the current infield area.The main building of the warehouse is a registered tangible cultural property of the prefecture.

It is in the same infield area in the first year of the Taisho era (1912) FoundedShiokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd...Along with the representative brand "Koshinoseki", we are planning products for overseas markets and collaboration products with Niigata University. (Sake brewery tour possible, reservation required)

Meiji in the former Nishikawa Town42year(1909) FoundedAsazuma Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.★ brews local sake such as "Yukinomaboroshi" and "Yuki no Kazeyuki".


Meiwa is within walking distance from Niigata Station, and you can also tour the sake brewery (reservation required).4year(1767) FoundedImayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.★.The representative brand is "Imayotsukasa".In addition to sake, we also manufacture drinks using Sake Lees Fermented with Lactic Acid Bacteria "Sakasuke" and non-gluten and non-alcoholic rice flour amazake.You can purchase it at the direct sales store.

NearNuttari Terrace Shopping Street,Numadare BreweryLet's visit.


Meiji in the former Kameda Town, Konan Ward, Niigata City40year(1907) Founded inIshimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.The representative brand of ★ is "Koshino kambai", which is also known nationwide.He continues to brew sake that is loved by the local people of Kamedago.


Meiji in the former Toyosaka city41year(1908) Founded inDHC sake brewery★ Then, at the sales office "Echigo no Sato Kayamatei", which was a part of the main building renovated,DHCIt sells a variety of sake breweries and original goods.

Walk from DHC Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.3Showa is about a minute away7year(1932) FoundedEchigo Shuzojo Co., Ltd...Representative brands are "Amame" and "Koshi no Happo". "Hachiho" contains a wish for the development of the future of Hoei.

この2Near the warehouse, the open-air market Kuzutsuka City, which is said to have started in the Edo period, is held on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of every month.A little less than 10 minutes by car, there is also Fukushimagata, the northern limit of Onibus in Japan.


Showa in Akiha Ward23year(1948), The representative brands of Murayu Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. are "Hanakoshiji" and "Murayu".Unique products such as "Natsumikan", a summer-only sake that is kind to the tired body of summer, are attractive.


If you visit a place where there is a brewery, you can also visit a sake store that sells local sake there.There are an increasing number of unique sake stores, such as those that have "Kakuuchi" where you can enjoy tasting for a fee, and those that regularly invite brewers to hold tasting sessions, so go and talk with the owner. Enjoy it.

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