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Events 2019.09.01

"Sake no Kuni ni Igata Day" commemorative event held

"Sake no Kuni ni Igata Day" commemorative event held

October 10st, which is also the day of sake, was established in 1 as "Sake no Kuni ni Igata Day" and a commemorative event is held every year! !!

Let's have a toast with everyone who came at 18:00! !! !!

This year will be a collaboration event with the destination campaign.

Date 2019/10/1 (Tue)

Hours 17:30; Opening
      18:00; Cheers all at once!
      19:30; End

Meeting place Niigata Station South Exit Event Plaza

Contents Paid tasting of sake from the brewery in Niigata Prefecture
      7 tickets spelled 1,000 yen
        For those who purchase tasting tickets, "Land of Wine"
        Get one original Choko!
      Sake cocktail corner etc. are also held

Others * One bag of dried snacks will be given to visitors.
      * Other snacks will not be sold at the venue on the day of the event.

      Please come and visit us! !!
      We look forward

* Please note that the venue has changed this year.