News "Sakeology Cafe" is being held at Laforet Harajuku! !

June 03, 2023

Niigata sake promotion with Sakeology as a hook at Laforet Harajuku3Month8We are open until the day (Wed)! ! (Organizer: Niigata Prefecture)

Date: February XNUMX23 Sunday (Thursday/holiday) to March XNUMX (Wednesday)

Venue: Laforet Harajuku, XNUMXnd floor special venue(Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo1-11-6

Contents: Get involved in Niigata refined sake with Sakeology as a hook under the theme of “know, learn, enjoy”
   Display and sale of products, etc., implementation of tastings, etc.


Learn: Introducing the efforts of the Niigata University Sakeology Center
Learn: Exhibit materials related to sake brewing along the manufacturing process
Enjoy: Sales of Niigata sake and related products, pairing experience with sweets, etc.


If you have time, please stop by.

For details, Niigata Prefecture HP for more information.