Information About " Niigata Sake no Jin 2023 "

Nov. 2022, 12


Scheduled ticket sales date

Sale date: February 2023, 2 (Wednesday) from 1:0 (AM 0:00)

How to buy:Seven ticketSold at

             In addition to online application from the URL below, it is installed at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide
     Multi-copy machineYou can also purchase from (Seven ticketFAQ

     Performance name: Niigata Sake no Jin 2023
              Seven code: 099-168
              URL: * The URL link can be accessed from the sale date.

     *Tickets you have applied for will be received after payment at a nearby Seven-Eleven.
      (Tickets past the payment deadline will be automatically canceled.)
      Also, please note that cancellations cannot be made after the ticket has been issued.

Ticket overview:
  • An admission ticket is required to enter the tasting room.
  • Within Niigata Prefecture, you can taste the brands that each brewery boasts to your heart's content.
  • Ticket sales and admission are limited to those aged 20 and over because the purpose is to sample Niigata sake.
    *(Infants and toddlers are also not allowed to enter.)
  • Tickets are 1 hours per course, 3 rotations per day, and each time "Aチケット(with reserved seats))""Bチケット(No standing seat designation)"of2sell the kind (up to 3,000 first-come, first-served basis each time)
  • It will be a complete replacement system.Even if you purchase 2 courses on the same day, you will be asked to leave once.
  • Specifications of A ticket "reserved seat"
    Seats cannot be specified for A-ticket reserved seats, and seats will be assigned by the system for each purchase unit.
    If you want to secure a seat with a group of companions, the representative should purchase it all at once.
    However, we may not be able to prepare a nearby table due to seat allocation.
    * ((Aticket·BAdjacent seats cannot be secured between different ticket types. )
  • The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased together in one application is 6 tickets for both A and B ticket types.
  • You cannot cancel, change the date, or change the ticket type after purchase.



 The annual "Niigata Sake no Jin" has been canceled for the third consecutive year due to the corona crisis."Niigata Sake no JinNEXT" held in early October this year was greatly reduced in scale and came with various restrictions, but it was generally well received by visitors.However, at the same time, there were many voices hoping for an early revival of the original Sake no Jin.

 For this reason, we have decided to hold "Niigata Sake no Jin 2023", which incorporates new styles as follows, based on the results of Sake no Jin NEXT and the recent situation of the corona disaster.

Nov. 2022, 12
Niigata Sake no Jin Executive Committee
Niigata Sake Brewers Cooperative Association


  1. Date: March 2023 (Sat)-3 (Sun), 11 
  2. Venue Toki Messe Wave Market (Exhibition Hall) (Bandaijima, Chuo-ku, Niigata City)6Turn1issue)

  3. Admission fee A ticket(Reserved seats available) 5,000Yen: Seated type, where you can drink comfortably(Reserved seat)チケット
                B ticket (no seat)) 3,500Yen: A simple standing bar(free table)チケット 

  4. admission restrictions
                1cool3time,1Day2Rotation replacement system each time first come first served3,000Maximum number of guests
                 (2in days12,000Limited to one person)

    XNUMXst course opening 10:00  Tasting 10:30-13:00

          XNUMXnd course opening 14:00  Tasting 14:30-17:00
                          * Admission and ticket sales are limited to those over 20 years old

    XNUMX Exhibiting breweries, etc.
          Most of the breweries in the prefecture will exhibit over the two days.
          *We will inform you about the breweries and other booths that will be exhibited on the website at a later date.


    * Details of the event will be announced on the website, etc. as soon as they are decided.