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[Tsunan Brewery Co., Ltd.] The gateway to Akiyamago, an unexplored region surrounded by untouched nature "Kirinotoh" is brewed in an environment rich in snow and water.

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Kirinotoh Kiri no To

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Kirinotoh Junmai Ginjo

Kirinotoh Junmai GinjoKiri no To Junmai Ginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 1,800 Yen
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


When you put it in your mouth, the refreshing scent will come out of your nose, giving it a gentle mouthfeel.
Pure rice Ginjoshu that is light and delicious.
Recommended for women.

Kirinotoh Honjozo

Kirinotoh HonjozoKiri no To Honjozo 1,800 ml
Amount of money 1,950 Yen
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


The mouthfeel is round and soft.A swelling taste and a squeezed aftertaste.
Tanrei Karakuchi sake.
Recommended for those who drink every day.

Megumi of famous water Ordinary sake

Megumi of famous water Ordinary sakeMeisui no Megumi Futsu Shugenshu 1,800 ml
Amount of money 2,250 Yen
degree 19 degree or more and less than 20 degree


A sake with a rich taste full of elegance and a sharpness that you won't get tired of drinking.
Tanrei Karakuchi Sake.
I love sake.Recommended for Mr.

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period April-November (excluding holidays)
Time 9: 00 ~ 16: 00
Reservation want
Number of people accepted About 100 people
Parking Lot will get
Contact (TEL) 025-765-5252

About Us

Head Office Address 949 Akinari Oaza, Tsunan Town, Nakauonuma District, Niigata Prefecture 8313-7141
Phone 025-765-5252
FAX 025-765-5266
E-mail > E-mail
Start a business 1953 AD
Features Even in the snowy country of Niigata, it is a famous heavy snowfall area, and we are particular about the sake rice "Gohyakumangoku" from Tsunan, which is produced in Uonuma, and use the ultra-soft water of the melted snow that springs from the Naebasan system.