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Kuramoto story

[Shirataki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.] Flexible response to consumers and the times What is the secret story behind the development of "Jouzen Mizunogotoshi", which has increased the number of sake fans?

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Representative stock

Jouzen Mizunogotoshi

Jouzen Mizunogotoshi Jouzen Mizunogotoshi

It is characterized by its crisp, light taste, fruity aroma, and the mellow taste of pure rice.It is a sake like clear water that goes well with any dish and can be enjoyed by those who drink sake for the first time.


Minatoya Tosuke

Minatoya TosukeMinatoya Tosuke

Sort Junmai Daiginjo 630 ml
Amount of money 1,493 Yen
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


"Isn't it possible to make sake using the pure water of Yuzawa?" The dream of Tosuke Minatoya, the first head of Shirataki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., came true in 2.It is a sake with an elegant aroma and a deep taste that is still suitable for carrying the name of the first owner, which has been passed down to the 1855th generation.

Junmai Daiginjo

Junmai DaiginjoTakaki no Ippon

Sort Junmai Daiginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 5,492 Yen
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


Junmai Daiginjo sake made by polishing rice to 35%.One of Shirataki Toji, Senki Matsumoto's whole body, which combines a gorgeous fragrance with a mellow and deep taste. 

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Head Office Address 949 Yuzawa, Yuzawa Town, Minami Uonuma District, Niigata Prefecture 6101-2640
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Start a business 1855 AD
Features We value the free and creative spirit and always try to make sake that suits the new era.

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