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Kuramoto story

[Onda Shuzo Co., Ltd.] Stop making rice and cultivate sake rice "Ipponjime" in-house.

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Representative stock

Maitsuru Tsuzumi

Maitsuru Tsuzumi Maitsuru Tsuzumi


Maitsuru Tsuzumi Ginjo Koshu

Maitsuru Tsuzumi Ginjo KoshuMaitsuru Tsuzumi

Sort Ginjoshu 300 ml
Amount of money 1,050yen
degree 18 degrees


Long-term aging of traditional handmade Ginjoshu in the cold season
It's sake.
The aroma and richness peculiar to old sake are mellow.
Enjoy cold or rock.

Maitsuru Tsuzumi Junmai Daiginjo

Maitsuru Tsuzumi Junmai DaiginjoMaitsuru Tsuzumi

Sort Junmai Daiginjo 1,800 ml
Amount of money 5,500yen
degree 18 degrees


It had the sweetness of Junmaishu and the beautiful taste of Ginjoshu.
It's sake.Please enjoy the bulge at room temperature.

Tour information

Sake brewery tours are not conducted.


Head Office Address 940 Muikaichimachi, Nagaoka City, 1133-1330, Japan
TEL 0258-22-2134
FAX 0258-22-2135
E-mail > E-mail
Start a business 1875 AD
Features Maitsuru Tsuzumi's rice is in-house rice field, and rice is milled in-house, and we are particular about rice and brew sake with delicious taste.A long time ago, there was a fate of sake in Echigo.

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