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[Naeba Shuzo Co., Ltd.] “Naebasan” sake brewery continues to take on challenges with enthusiasm to create a business model

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Naebasan Naebasan

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Naebasan Junmai Ginjo Wine Bottle (750ml)

Naebasan Junmai Ginjo Wine Bottle (750ml)Naebasan Junmai Ginjo Wine Bottle

Sort Junmai Ginjo 750 ml
Amount of money 1,500 yen
degree 15 degrees


Gohyakumangoku with 50% polished rice for koji rice, 50% polished rice for hung rice
Using rice from Niigata prefecture, while enjoying Ginjo-aroma, with a smooth mouthpiece
It is a sake that you can enjoy a refreshing taste.

Naebasan Junmai Daiginjo Wine Bottle (750ml)

Naebasan Junmai Daiginjo Wine Bottle (750ml)Naebasan Junmai Daiginjo Wine Bottle

Sort Junmai Daiginjo 750 ml
Amount of money 3,000 yen
degree 16 degrees


Koshitanrei" from Niigata prefecture, which is 40% polished rice for both koji and kake
Toji is proud of using 100% and aging at low temperature at 1 ℃ for about 0 year.
It is a self-confident work. Enjoy Ginjo-aroma unique to Junmai Daiginjo in a large wine glass.

Naebasan Dry for cold sake

Naebasan Dry for cold sakeNaebasan Reishuyo Karakuchi

Sort Ordinary sake 720 ml
Amount of money 900 yen
degree 14 degrees


Shikomi is made from rice produced in Niigata prefecture and has a refreshing taste.
Please enjoy the crisp and dry sake.

Tour information

period November-April (closed on Wednesdays)
Time 9:00 - 17:00
Reservation Must not
Number of people accepted Within 10
Parking Lot will get
Contact (TEL) 025-765-2011

About Us

Head Office Address 949 Shimofunatobo, Tsunan Town, Nakauonuma District, Niigata Prefecture, 8201-555
TEL 025-765-2011
FAX 025-765-5100
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Start a business 1907 AD
Features Surrounded by snow and greenery, Naebasan's underground water is a refreshing and timeless gem.

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