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Sukimasamune Suki Masamune

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Sukimasamune Daiginjo "Hana"

Sukimasamune Daiginjo "Hana"Suki Masamune Daiginjo Hana

Sort Daiginjo 1,000 ml
Amount of money 4,095 Yen
degree 16 degrees
Sukimasamune Tokubetsu Honjozoshu Introductory

Sukimasamune Tokubetsu Honjozoshu IntroductorySuki Masamune Tokubetsu Honjozo Nyukon

Sort Tokubetsu Honjozoshu 1,800 ml
Amount of money 1,890 Yen
degree 15 degrees
Kasugayama Ten and Chi Junmai Ginjo

Kasugayama Ten and Chi Junmai GinjoKasugayama Ten to Chi Junmai Ginjo

Sort Junmai Ginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 1,575 Yen
degree 16 degrees

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Reservation Reservation required by the day before
Number of people accepted 20 or more people need consultation
Parking Lot 20 cars, no large bus
Contact (TEL) 025-523-2169

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