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[Maruyama Brewing Co., Ltd.] Tanrei Sake is made with "Settyuubai", which spares no Initiatives to match the tastes of the locals.

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Settyuubai Setchubai

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Settyuubai Honjozo

Settyuubai HonjozoSetchubai Honjozo

Sort Honjozo 1,800 ml
Amount of money 2,530 Yen
degree 15.7 degrees


Compared to ordinary sake, which is sweet, crisp, light and clear, this Honjozo has a slight astringency and bitterness, and the back mouth is tight and the taste is deep.Either cold or lukewarm, please choose according to your taste.

Settyuubai Tokubetsu Honjozoshu

Settyuubai Tokubetsu HonjozoshuSetchubai Tokubetsu Honjozo

Sort Honjozo 720 ml
Amount of money 2,200 Yen
degree 16.2 degrees


Shikomi in high quality Gohyakumangoku from Joetsu, aged for about 10 months and stuffed in November and December, seasonal sake.The most popular of the brewers.Thick mouthfeel.Please enjoy warming up a little during the New Year.

Settyuubai Tokubetsu junmai

Settyuubai Tokubetsu junmaiSetchubai Tokubetsu Junmai

Sort Pure rice 720 ml
Amount of money 3,080 Yen
degree 15.6 degrees


Gohyakumangoku is used for the koji rice, and Yamada Nishiki from Sanda, Hyogo prefecture is polished to 55% for the kake rice, and a small Shikomi is used.This is a summer-only product with a soft and beautiful taste.In addition to cold sake and lukewarm sake, there is also a way to enjoy "put a piece of ice in a small glass and lock it."
For restaurants, sake stores and individual customers who enjoy the change by aging in the refrigerator or at room temperature for a long time.

Settyuubai Junmaishu

Settyuubai JunmaishuSetchubai Junmaishu

Sort Pure rice 720 ml
Amount of money 1,540 Yen
degree 15.5 degrees


Released as a limited edition in autumn on October 2013, 10. It became a year-round product from 01/2017.Junmaishu made with Gohyaku mangoku from Joetsu has a sweet yet moderately sour and light taste.The feature is the "lightness" of the taste of acid.Cold sake or hot sake at about 09 ° C is recommended.

Settyuubai ordinary sake

Settyuubai ordinary sakesetchubai Futsushu 15.4
Amount of money 990 Yen
degree 15.4 degrees


Uses Koshiibuki and Gohyakumangoku.Shikomi with handmade koji and well water by the box koji method.It is a light mouth with an impressive soft mouthfeel and sharp rear mouth.Please enjoy at your favorite temperature such as cold sake, hiya (normal temperature), lukewarm sake, hot sake.Cold sake is refreshingly sweet, Hiya is soft and crisp, lukewarm sake unravels the aroma and taste, and hot sake gives a slightly stronger acidity.
It goes well with daily side dishes such as pickles, dried foods, cheese, boiled fish, dumplings and stir-fried foods.

Settyuubai Snow storage Junmai Genshu

Settyuubai Snow storage Junmai GenshuSetchubai setchuchozo Junmai Genshu

Sort Junmaishu, Genshu 720 ml
Amount of money 1,980 Yen
degree 17 degrees


Junmaishu's Genshu is stored in the snow room.You can enjoy a silky smooth texture (feeling on the tongue, throat, etc.) by aging with a fresh scent and stable low temperature in the snow room.
It is an irregular product that is released twice a year in spring and autumn.We are keeping in mind the year-round sales, but since it takes about 2 months to mature, it may be out of stock during the off-season.

Settyuubai plum wine

Settyuubai plum wineSetchubai Umesyu

Sort liqueur 500 ml
Amount of money 1,250 Yen
degree 12 degrees


We use "Koshi no Ume" from Niigata prefecture (only from Nadachiku, Joetsu city in the year when the yield is sufficient).Modest sweetness and a refreshing acidity.At first, I feel strong acidity, but I don't get tired of drinking and can drink for a long time.In addition to straight, water, hot water, rock and soda, it can also be used as a cocktail base.

Settyuubai Daiginjo

Settyuubai DaiginjoSetchubai Daiginjo

Sort Daiginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 3,850 Yen
degree 15.8 degrees


Uses Yamada Nishiki from Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture.Winter limited product. Daiginjoshu is shipped after a low temperature aging period of about 1 year and 8 months. Unusual in "Set tyuubai", it is a little dry and has a scent of ethyl caproate-based Ginjo-aroma.

Mimori Junmai Ginjo

Mimori Junmai GinjoHidamori Junmai Ginjo

Sort Junmai Ginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 2,420 Yen
degree 15.8 degrees


Junmai Ginjoshu is brewed only with sake rice (Gohyakumangoku, Koshitanrei) harvested in the field of Tonowa village where the sake brewery is located (within a radius of 2 km from the sake brewery).It is slightly dry, has acidity, and has a long aftertaste. Shikomi Sake quality that makes you feel the smoothness of water.Good for sake during meals.The brand "Hidamori" is derived from the place name called "Hinamori" before the Middle Ages. Since it is adjacent to the "Igimi ≒ Ezo-kun" township, it is thought that it was once a frontier between the Yamato kingdom and Ezo, and was a frontier area where both coexisted.

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The head office address 942 Tonowa, Sanwaku-ku, Joetsu-shi, Niigata 0264-617
Phone 025-532-2603
FAX 025-532-2535
Start a business 1897 AD
Features At the eastern end of the Kukujo Plain, there is a sake brewery surrounded by satoyama in the countryside.Using soft well water and local rice, we continue to carefully make handmade koji with the motto "Quality rather than quantity".