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[Kinshihai Shuzo Co., Ltd.] Tanrei Karakuchi Sake brewery in Gosen City for the evening drink "Echigo Toji" produced by the ultra-soft water "Tengu no Shimizu"

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Echigo Toji

Echigo Toji Echigo Toji

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Echigo Toji Honjozo Dry

Echigo Toji Honjozo DryEchigo Toji Honjozo Karakuchi

Sort honest 1,800 ml
Amount of money 1,748 JPY
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


Toji and the brewer are united in making sake that is not ashamed of the name "Echigo Toji".This is the one they usually drink. The richer flavor of Tanrei Karakuchi can be cold or hot.It goes well with home cooking without getting tired of drinking.



Sort Ginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 1,323 JPY
degree 14 degree or more and less than 15 degree


Image of the cherry blossoms of the local village pine.The gorgeousness of the full bloom, which looks like the Tomari Mari overlapped, is expressed in "richness", and the cleanliness of the scattered petals is expressed in "sharpness".
Please enjoy a wide range of dishes such as meat dishes and Chinese dishes.



Sort Tokubetsu junmai 720 ml
Amount of money 945 JPY
degree 14 degree or more and less than 15 degree


Junmaishu is characterized by its refreshing and fruity scent, its light and pleasant acidity, and its soft finish.
It goes well with Japanese food such as Chikuzen-ni, dairy products such as cheese, and butter flavor such as salmon and trout meuniere.

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Sake brewery tours are not conducted.

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Head Office Address 959-1704, Muramatsu Ko, Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture 1836-1
TEL 0250-58-7125
FAX 0250-58-8441
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Start a business 1824 AD
Features It has been 200 years since the company was founded in the Echigo Muramatsu domain during the Bunsei era.In a land blessed with good water and nature, we brew sake in search of honest and pure taste without any strangeness.

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