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[Ishimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.] What is the philosophy that supports the sake brewing of "Koshinokambai" that continues to evolve to maximize the unchanging taste?

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Koshinokambai Koshino Kanbai

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Super special selectionChotokusen

Sort Daiginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 6,600 yen (tax included)
degree 16 degrees


"Daiginjoshu" is made by making full use of the skill and sensibility of the brewer, using plenty of high-grade Yamada Nishiki that has been polished to a rice polishing rate of 30%.
By aging in an environment with a room temperature of 1 ° C for about 2 years, the taste and depth are fully brought out before shipping.
The feature is that you can enjoy the dignified Ginjo-aroma, the delicate and beautiful taste, and the "afterglow" that the taste returns after drinking.As well as chilling, we also recommend "slimy kanzake" while daiginjo.

White label

White labelShiro Label

Sort Ordinary sake 1,800 ml
Amount of money 2,213 yen (tax included)
degree 15 degrees


The goal is to be "a sake that" stays close to the food "," enjoys drinking without getting tired ", and" does not remain the next day "because it is a sake for evening drinks."
Even though it is ordinary sake, it is the most familiar and satisfying sake that is carefully fermented at low temperature for a long period of time based on the technique of ginjo brewing.It is also called "Ass Pin Sake" by old fans because of its powerful bouncing aftertaste.

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Features We are committed to brewing sake by making full use of "rice," "people," and "skills" in order to provide our customers with the best "feeling of sickness."

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