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[Fujinoi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.] Why was "Nishikigoi Bottle Sake" born?What is the "power of sake" that connects people now and in the past?

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Representative stock

Fujinoi Josen

Fujinoi Josen Fujinoi Josen


Fujinoi Daiginjo

Fujinoi DaiginjoFujino Daiginjo

Sort Daiginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 3,150yen
degree 16 degrees


The highest peak of Fujinoi that has been slowly fermented at low temperature for a long time.Elegant aroma and mellow and elegant taste.

Fujinoi Shiun no hikari

Fujinoi Shiun no hikariFujinoi Shiun no Hikari

Sort Junmai Ginjo 720 ml
Amount of money 1,428yen
degree 15 degrees


We have been working on better rice cultivation by practicing "Sake brewing starts with rice cultivation".We polish good rice generously and brew quality-oriented sake by long-term low-temperature brewing.
The brewer's cultivated rice "Ipponjime" (produced in Shiunji, Shibata City) was highly pearled and shikomi in the cold.It is a luxurious sake that has been slowly fermented at low temperature for a long period of time.Deep and mellow taste, elegant scent.

Fujinoi Urusei Yatsura

Fujinoi Urusei YatsuraFujinoi Urusei Yatsura

Sort Tokubetsu Honjozoshu 720 ml
Amount of money 2,100yen
degree 15 degrees


Collaborated with "Rumiko Takahashi", a manga artist from Niigata, with the theme of "delicious and fun". The sake of "Maison Ikkoku", "Urusei Yatsura" and "Ranma 1/2" has become a product loved by people of all ages.
It is Tokubetsu Honjozoshu that you can enjoy the taste of Honjozo and the scent of Daiginjo by blending Daiginjo with Honjozo prepared by Ginjo.

Tour information

Sake brewery tours are not conducted.


Head Office Address 957 Fujitsukahama, Shibata City, Niigata Prefecture 0231-1335
TEL 0254-41-3165
FAX 0254-41-4344
Start a business 1886 AD
Features Fujitsukahama, Shibata City, a scenic spot surrounded by beautiful sandy coastlines and red pine forests.Next to Niigata Prefectural Shiunji Memorial Park, there is Fujinoi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., a brewery that brews sake.The name of the brewery comes from the ancient "Fuji no Ido".Fujitsukahama is a land loaded with water by the Kitamaebune, which has been extremely prosperous since the Edo period.The water in Fuji Well is a soft water type that is said to be difficult to brew, but mysteriously, it is fermented vigorously to make a mellow sake.

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