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[Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd.] Initiativess to make delicious food surely The popular sake brewery "Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd." ranked first in the Niigata sake ranking for 58 consecutive months

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Echigo Tsurukame

Echigo Tsurukame Echigo Tsurukame

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Echigo Tsurukame Daiginjo tobinkakoi

Echigo Tsurukame Daiginjo tobinkakoiEchigo Tsurukame Daiginjo Tobinkakoi

Sort Daiginjoshu 720 ml
Amount of money 3,150 JPY
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


Only really good sake was slowly aged over time using a method called Tobintori, which is used only for high-end sake. It features Daiginjo's mellow spreading aroma and a refreshing aftertaste. Winner of the 2009 Monde Selection Gold Award.Winner of the 2011 Gokujo Gold Award for Delicious Sake in a Wine Glass

Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd. Junmaishu

Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd. JunmaishuEchigo Tsurukame Junmaishu

Sort Junmaishu 720 ml
Amount of money 1,427 JPY
degree 15 degree or more and less than 16 degree


Junmaishu is carefully brewed using 100% rice from Niigata prefecture.It features a mellow scent and richness. 2009 2010 Monde Selection Gold Award for the second consecutive year.Received the Excellence Award from the 2nd Kanto Shinetsu National Taxation Bureau sake Appraisal Committee Junmaishu.

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Sake brewery tours are not conducted.

About Us

Head Office Address 953 Takenomachi, Nishikan-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 0023-2580
TEL 0256-72-2039
FAX 0256-73-3875
Start a business 1890 AD
Features We are committed to small brewing of Ginjoshu, from ordinary sake to high-class sake, in search of sake quality that satisfies our customers.From the selection of rice to the making of koji using the "Koji Box", we take care of the details.We are working hard every day to have you use the sake "Echigo Tsurukame Co., Ltd." on the occasional Hare day.

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