Brewery Introduction Echigo Shuzojo Co., Ltd.

Kuramoto story

[Echigo Shuzojo Co., Ltd.] A collection of "Koshi no Happo" made by a small number of elite teams in the village of Toji Nozumi, who also appears in the novel.

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Koshi no Happo

Koshi no Happo Koshi no Happo


DaiginjoKoshi no Happo "Koshitanrei" 720ml

DaiginjoKoshi no Happo "Koshitanrei" 720mlDaiginjo Koshi no Happo "Koshitanrei" 720ml

Sort Sake (Daiginjoshu) 720 ml
Amount of money 2,415円
degree 16 degrees


Daiginjoshu is made with 100% Niigata's original sake brewing rice "Koshitanrei" and has a rich scent.Please enjoy the mellow and refreshing taste.

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Sake brewery tours are not conducted.


Head Office Address 950-3321, Kuzutsuka, Kita-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, 3306-1
TEL 025-387-2008
FAX 025-386-1160
Start a business 1932 AD
Features A full-scale low-temperature environment handmade brewery that perfectly harmonizes the skills refined by Mr. Namori of Echigo, the harsh winter, the blessed water, and the four beats of rice.