Initiatives GI Niigata Certified Sake List

Geographical indication "Niigata"(Geographical Indication Niigata, abbreviation: GI Niigata)

 20222February ① Protection of “Niigata” as a production area, ② Prevention of counterfeits and similar products
For this purpose, we received designation of geographical indication "Niigata" for sake from the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency.


Please refer to the following link of the National Tax Agency for the contents of the geographical indication "Niigata".

List of Geographical Indications for Alcoholic Beverages

Geographical Indication “Niigata” Production Standards


                             (Link | List of Geographical Indications for Alcoholic Beverages, National Tax Agency)

Labeling example for certified sake

Certified sake has the following indication somewhere on the container packaging such as the label.

  • Character notation: Alphabet only (vertical writing, horizontal writing)
  • Character notation: Alphabet + Kanji (vertical writing, horizontal writing)
  • Logo mark (can be combined with text display)

*No color specified

GI Niigata logo mark

The Niigata Sake Brewers Association and Niigata Sake Brewers are all about valuing all connections between people, things, and things (experiences, knowledge, and techniques) through sake.A logo mark that is conscious of the connection and expansion that is born from such sake.
Like the snowflake crest used for labels, etc., the logo is based on a snowflake motif.
At each apex, people hold hands and show how they are connected, expressing a figure that spreads out in all directions.

GI Niigata Certified Sake List

* Click below to see the list of certified sake (PDF).